Yahoo Provides Homepage Overhaul Stats

    October 28, 2009

The current top article on Yahoo’s homepage may be about a former NBA player’s "sad turnaround," but the story of the homepage’s recent overhaul is a happy one, according to Tapan Bhat.  Bhat shared some impressive statistics at Yahoo’s Analyst Day Meeting.

Bhat is a senior vice president at Yahoo, in charge of both "Integrated Consumer Experience" and "Front Doors, Community, and Network Services," so the redesign was very much under his purview.  We wouldn’t be surprised if he’s given more power, too, on the basis of the following stats.

Joseph Tartakoff wrote, "SVP Tapan Bhat said . . . that so far page views were up nine percent and time spent on was up 20 percent."  Also, "The new page includes third-party ‘apps’ that users can add to the home page to get quick access to services from Yahoo and third-party sites – and Bhat said that 40 percent of new home page users were using between 6 and 11 of them."

Then here’s one more interesting point: "As for monetization, Bhat said that the click-through rates on the main ad on were up 10 percent."

All in all, this represents an important success story for Yahoo; the company’s effectively demonstrated that it isn’t just running on autopilot until Microsoft swoops in.

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