Yahoo Protesting China Lawsuit

    August 28, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The Internet company continued to cite a need to comply with local laws as they asked a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit against it.

Yahoo Protesting China Lawsuit
Yahoo Protesting China Lawsuit

Being accused of abetting the prosecution and torture of journalists in China can’t be something that looks good on the annual report. Yahoo has been in a position to be accused of doing that, with Chinese reporters suffering the results.

The request noted by the Washington Post stated that although Yahoo did release personal information to Beijing investigators about Chinese writers, Yahoo had to do so as a matter of doing business in China.

The World Organization for Human Rights USA sued Yahoo in April over its role in the cases of Shi Tao and Wang Xiaoning. It is believed that both men have experienced abuse and torture as a result of their pro-democratic writings.

A Yahoo spokesperson said in the report, “The U.S. court system is not the forum for addressing these political concerns.” She characterized the real problem as the “behavior and laws of the Chinese government.”

Yahoo representatives should have the opportunity to explain their position in depth when they visit Congress. Testimony by Yahoo’s Michael Callahan before the House Foreign Affairs Committee about what Yahoo knew of the investigations has been contradicted by other evidence that emerged this year.