Yahoo Properties Go Out Of Order

    July 6, 2007

Everyone’s Internet connection goes a little bit wonky from time to time, and after having trouble reaching, I thought this morning was one of those times for me.  But I was wrong; it turns out that Yahoo was having issues.

Tim Worstall, Caroline McCarthy, and Johannes Ullrich, among others, have confirmed the outage.  Like me, they can offer little more than their personal testimony, yet Pingdom has some data to prove that we weren’t all hallucinating. has been down for two minutes (thus far today), according to the monitoring company, and has been down for three.  Pingdom acknowledges that went down for seven minutes, and went down for 18.

For all other Yahoo properties, Pingdom was unable to weigh in, but you get the idea.

As for why this happened, there’s no telling – all’s quiet at the Yahoo pressroom.  Caroline McCarthy notes, “Last summer, we saw some heat-wave-related server issues, including a high-profile outage at MySpace.  Some regions of the country have had some pretty hot days recently, so the root of these issues at Yahoo could be similar.”

On the bright side (from Yahoo’s perspective – Google probably had itself a laugh during the downtime), everything’s back to normal now.  If you have any problems over the next few days, though, know that the trouble is likely on Yahoo’s end.