Yahoo! Presents The Brokers Fantasy Football

    September 6, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Do you have what it takes to put your Monopoly money where your mouth is, Mr. I Can See Tech Stock Futures? Not enough risk or e-drenaline in Fantasy Football? Yahoo! is launching Round 2 of the Tech Buzz Game to test your mad I-told-you-so tech stock market prediction skills.

With prizes ranging from an Apple Mac Mini to O’Reilly vouchers to various other “swag” for the best virtual market players, Yahoo!’s Tech Buzz Game is an online prediction market where participants bet on the next tech blockbusters.

“The game has two research goals: (1) to test whether the “wisdom of crowds” can foresee technology trends; and (2) to test out Yahoo! Research’s new dynamic parimutuel exchange mechanism,” reads Yahoo!’s Search Blog.

The dynamic pari-what-uh what what?

While Yahoo!’s goals seem very academic, participants goals are relatively simple. The goals of players is to predict which technologies people will be searching the web for in the future by buying virtual stock in the good stuff while selling stock in products they think will go nowhere.

Like Fantasy Football, the game will keep a running real world tally of how specific stocks are doing and reward the most gifted prognosticators with tech prizes. If you think you have what it takes, sign up here.