Yahoo Plays Ball

    April 25, 2007

Yahoo is attempting to capture the attention of baseball fans with their new version of Yahoo Sports for TV service. The new version offers fantasy baseball on Windows Media Center.

Users with Media Center PCs or Media Center Extenders such as the Xbox 360 video game can now receive updates on their fantasy baseball team while watching live games.

"We are excited to take fantasy baseball to the next level this season and bring the ultimate game day experience to passionate baseball fans through Yahoo! Sports for TV," said Patrick Barry, vice president, Yahoo! Digital Home.

"By extending users’ Web experiences beyond the PC to the largest screen in the house, with products like Yahoo! Sports for TV, Yahoo! is leading the way in the development of innovative and exciting applications that exceed users’ expectations."

Features of the new version include real time game data such as player stats, inning information and who’s at bat. Also there is a scoreboard feature that allows user to keep track of what’s happening around the league.

"Yahoo! Sports for TV delivers innovative custom tools, such as live updates and Scoreboard, allowing fans to track fantasy teams while enjoying MLB action," said James Pitaro, general manager, Yahoo! Sports.

"Adding Yahoo! Sports for TV to our very popular Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball ’07 will bolster our fans’ experience and create an enhanced level of competition."