Yahoo! Pictures You Using PhotoMail Service

    May 26, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The portal and search engine company offers another online tool; this one lets you e-mail 300 digital photos to your friends.

In a Reuters article, the Sunnyvale-based portal and search company announced a new service for its users. As a test version, users will be able to send up to 300 pictures to a recipient.

Features like captions and borders can be added to each picture. Some minor editing may be performed on photos as well.

And in addition to e-mailing photos to others, users will be able to store an unlimited number of photos on Yahoo’s computers, with a Yahoo account.

While most Web-based e-mail services would have users send photos as attachments, and limit the number of attachments by a certain number of megabytes, Yahoo’s PhotoMail will let users place photos directly within the body of an e-mail message.

Yahoo has not posted details about PhotoMail on its web site yet. A search for PhotoMail yields one result, an identically spelled product available from a Shell Beach, California software company called GetWare.

GetWare’s PhotoMail product, billed as the best photo software for Windows, allows users to quickly get images from a digital camera and compress them for attachment to an e-mail message.

That feature sounds different than Yahoo’s offering, but with the name being the same, it appears Yahoo may want to have a brief chat with GetWare about the name, if it hasn’t done so already.

Search engine rival Google has made some inroads into the photo space, as they acquired Picasa’s photo search and editing software and made it available as a free download.

Picasa helps with sending photos as e-mail attachments, and includes an instant message product called Hello. Hello lets users share hundreds of photos securely with another Hello user.

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