Yahoo: No Rest For American Weary

Vacation? What's that?

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Seems like everybody in the States is wound up pretty tight these days thanks to impending economic troubles and continuing denial at the upper crust. The bad news gets worse: A wound-up America won’t be unwinding this summer.

Vacation? What's that?

According to a survey conducted by Yahoo! HotJobs, 51 percent of Americans will not take vacation this summer, opting to save their money instead.

"A perfect storm of economic factors is developing," said Tom Musbach, senior managing editor, Yahoo! HotJobs. "The economic downturn is leading to layoffs and stretched resources, which in turn leads to increased workloads and pressure to improve performance. Employees, now more than ever, need a break from the pressure, but are instead choosing to forgo vacation in order to meet growing demands and protect dwindling wallets. Eventually something will have to give."

Likely that something is driving a car, one of America’s favorite pastimes, though it wasn’t mentioned in the survey. The survey took a more general approach, asking about how the economic downturn was affecting work, America’s other favorite pastime. Thirty-five percent said the economy is increasing the pressure to improve performance, even as 44 percent report heavier workloads than a year ago.

Thirty-eight percent officially have put themselves on the job market and 35 percent have updated their resumes because of an economy that has produced rapid inflation due to rocketing gas and food prices. The "mooks and minions" and all that imaginary money haven’t help the situation, either.

Yahoo!HotJobs’ assessment reveals American workers are "on the brink of burnout," but the poor economy is only fourth on the list of top five workplace stressors. From greatest to least, survey respondents listed leadership structure; lack of resources to get work done; a third place tie between too much work, unappreciative or demanding clients and the boss; the poor economy; and coworkers.

Stress reduction in the workplace, though counterintuitive to some employers, is an important measure to take. According to the survey, 44 percent said they are less focused when they feel stressed, and 33 percent said they are less productive. The authors of the study called reducing stress during rough economic times "vital," and an important factor in increasing productivity and improving performance.

It could also keep employees sane; 41 percent admit to taking off work for "mental health." The other half who plan to use their vacation days this summer won’t be using them to relax. Forty-eight percent will use them to run errands.
Compared to generous vacation time guaranteed to European workers by law, American workers are already notoriously un-vacationing. Financial pressures look to reduce what little time off is taken already. The upside is—if you want to call it that—many market-leading antidepressants will go generic status in 2010; see your neighborhood Wal-Mart for your $4 mental margarita.

Yahoo: No Rest For American Weary
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  • Julian Huffer

    Could it be that in the "good times" many workers never gave their employer what they were being paid for and now that "the worm has turned" they are being required to do what they should have been doing all the time.

  • Johnny

    I agree with Julian above.  There are too many unskilled workers making a comfy living doing very little. 

    Also, many good, hard-working Americans have not been educated better due to the lame school  systems we have. It’s time we educate our population better here in the U.S. with "smarter teachers".  Most adults can’t even balance a checkbook.

  • http://www.2all.co.il/web/sites/erezshlez/ ??????

    The issu of educataion is also relevent in other countries. in my country in israel we suffer from the same problems. the scale is not the same (only 6 mill` ppl) but we can see the same problems.

  • http://www.2all.co.il/web/Sites/6360929/PAGE1.asp ??????

    ???? ?????? ???

  • http://www.2all.co.il/web/Sites/6360929/PAGE1.asp Guest

    very nice web
    i love it

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