Yahoo Music Unlimited Shutdown A DRM Mess

DRM licenses to vanish, along with the music

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation criticized Yahoo’s planned shutdown of DRM servers for its music store and asked the company to take care of its customers.

Digital rights management, aka DRM, came into being as Internet companies sought ways to sell music online. Music labels wanted something in place to thwart copying of purchased songs for redistribution.

Eventually the labels realized people don’t want DRM, and consumers may now find DRM-free songs for sale from outlets like Amazon.com and iTunes. But DRM exists elsewhere, causing no end of grief for the companies that sell songs with it.

Microsoft was raked over the proverbial coals when it wanted to shutdown its old DRM servers for the long-defunct MSN Music service. Yahoo received the same treatment in a blog post from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

EFF’s Corynne McSherry noted how as of October 1, Yahoo plans to turn off its licensing server, essentially making one’s music purchased through their service simply stop working. “We

Yahoo Music Unlimited Shutdown A DRM Mess
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    Okay, I too paid for tracks in the tune of at least $ 200.00 US or so before I realized what was to be the mistake of a lifetime. I used and loved Music Match, wow the audio quality and usability was second to none as far as online digital music was concerned. I mainly purchased hard to find older tunes that one simply must have in their library if you were part of the 60’s 70’s ground breaking music and freedom movement (s). So that said, I saved them to the hard drive and copied them to another PC I used at home and sincerely enjoyed them whenever the mode struck me. The digital age was really paying off for me. I piped them to my living room, kitchen and to the outdoor speakers. I could crank those puppies up and jam when ever where ever. The one day I see Music Match is now Yahoo Music and I must swap and chop and the new system would make me even happier to be alive. Well I wasn’t born yesterday and I was aware of the old upgrade game that al to many times caused my system to crash and so on, you know the drill. But hey, I’ll just load the new and keep the old and that should solve any possible future problems, right! Oh yeah, sure I somehow overlooked the simple fact that I didn’t REALLY own the songs I paid for I was just renting them for as long as their real owners said I could… kinda! So with in hours I was getting g the old need lic to play prompt and the story goes on and on as you all know, unfortunately! I contacted Yahoo and so on and well, to this day I have never heard even one of those songs I bought from Music Match, since they seem to have overlooked the fact they can not lic music they did not sell, wow what a country. Down with DRM and down down down with companies like Yahoo that simply don’t get it, well they do but the it is your money then like a thief in the night their gone! Now lets see is Yahoo going to offer me and others like me the option of re-downloading the tracks / songs I purchased. I emailed them yesterday no word yet, we’ll see. I’m surely not holding my breath. Thanks for listening. We can change the world, with our purchase power, don’t buy from those whom do not honor the trust we put in them. Buy DRM free (without) only. Have a great day, enjoy it while ya got it!

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