Yahoo Music Sings New Song

    April 24, 2007

Do you ever have trouble remembering lyrics to songs?

Yahoo Music plans to change that with their agreement with digital media company Gracenote.

Yahoo Music will now offer lyrics of 400,000 songs licensed from Gracenote to their users.

Users of the service can search for songs lyrics from the Yahoo Music Search bar, and receive results even when they enter a partial lyric from a song.

Consumers will have access to lyrics from nearly 100 music publishers, including the top five:

  • BMG Music Publishing
  • EMI Music Publishing
  • Sony/ATV Music Publishing
  • Universal Music Publishing Group
  • Warner/Chappell Music

While there are a whole host of Web sites that offer song lyrics most of those do not have the approval of the publishers or writers that own the rights.

Also those sites rely on lyric entries made by the general public which are not always accurate.

"You mean Bob Dylan isn’t actually saying ‘The ants, my friend, are in a bowling pin?’" asks Ian Rogers, general manager of Yahoo! Music.

"Finally, a free, legal and definitive way to settle a bet with the guy sitting next to you at the bar who is certain the Ramones’ most famous anthem declares, ‘I wanna piece of bacon.’"

Gracenote started its Lyrics program over two years ago, with the goal of creating a comprehensive database of legal, accurate song lyrics for consumers.

"Song lyrics are continually among the top 10 searches performed on major search engines, though the results often provide consumers a frustrating experience filled with inconsistent and incomplete lyrics, and annoying pop-ups," said Craig Palmer, president and chief executive officer of Gracenote.

"With Gracenote and Yahoo!, consumers will have access to the largest database of high quality lyrics linked directly to the rich album and artist content available throughout Yahoo! Music."