Yahoo Mobile Ads Go “Graphical”

    November 7, 2006

Yahoo has launched a new “graphical advertising platform for its Mobile Web service,” and – don’t get too excited, now – “the first advertisements on this beta platform will go live later this week.”

An Associated Press article hints that Google may have something similar in the works, but the company’s Press Center has been quiet so far this morning. Yahoo, however, was quick to put out an official statement about its new advertising push.

The company “has established itself as an early leader in mobile advertising and is continuing to help drive the growth of this emerging market,” claimed Steve Boom, Yahoo’s senior vice president, mobile and broadband. “As the only company with clear leadership in all forms of Internet advertising and a leading provider of mobile Internet services, we are uniquely able to create and deliver innovative, interactive marketing solutions to a targeted audience of engaged consumers.”

Google and Microsoft might challenge that use of the phrase “clear leadership,” but Yahoo is apparently “the #1 mobile Web destination in the U.S, according to M:Metrics.” The search engine company wants everyone to know that it “already works with a large majority of the AdAge Top 100 advertisers to provide brand advertising services,” as well.

A ZDNet article confirms that “it’s a potentially lucrative market. Because consumers carry mobile phones with them around town, advertisers are willing to pay several times more for wireless ads as they for standard computer ads over the Internet.” Graphical ads will probably allow Yahoo to command even higher prices.

Yahoo’s trial ads should be fairly small, at least, measuring only “150 pixels by 21 elements.”


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