Yahoo Might Part With Games Property

    July 23, 2009

Yahoo may be willing to part with more than we originally imagined in its search for extra cash.  A new report indicates that Yahoo Games could change hands if a large enough offer gets made.

Rafat Ali wrote, "While it is not for sale officially . . . they will consider it if they get the right offer for it.  This would be a decently big one – until last month when its 19.2 million uniques came in slightly lower than EA, according to ComScore, Yahoo Games has been the top gaming site for the past five years."

The question, then, is who might buy Yahoo Games.  Ali put forward Best Buy and GameStop as two possibilities.  Or as MySpace pursues a new image as an "entertainment portal," it might become a contender, as well.

One more important note: theoretical prices haven’t been mentioned.

Anyway, HotJobs and Yahoo Small Business are the two other Yahoo properties that we’ve previously mentioned as being on the auction block, and at the rate things are going, it’s possible that quite a few other sites could join them up there before long.