Yahoo Messenger Adds Vista Support

    December 6, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

An updated version of Yahoo Messenger arrived in a pre-beta preview for Vista users, who can install it in parallel with their existing Yahoo Messenger client.

Developers at Yahoo built the Messenger client for Vista with the new operating system’s capabilities in mind, particularly the look and feel of Vista.

Yahoo Messenger for VistaThe Yahoo Messenger blog noted this preview release sports an entirely new interface. This draws from the Windows Presentation Foundation, Microsoft’s graphics subsystem in use with Vista.

The user interface and core functionality represent the areas of focus Yahoo centered on in building the client. Tab organization, enhanced emoticons, and the ability to skin individual IM windows list among the features.

As with other versions of Yahoo Messenger, this client can IM Windows Live Messenger clients. People can drag and drop contacts from Yahoo Messenger to the Windows Sidebar gadget and track them from there.

Plenty of work remains for Yahoo to do with the Vista version of Messenger. 64-bit support is on the list of future developments, along with almost every multimedia and messaging feature that isn’t a direct IM to another IM client.

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