Yahoo Mashes Up NYT With Early Invite

    September 13, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Yahoo has something in the works called Yahoo Mash, but they suffered from a case of premature invitation when they told a New York Times blogger about the service.

Brad Stone writes the Bits Blog for the Times, and was told “It’s good to be loved” by an automated message from a Yahoo employee. But when Stone looked for that love, all he got was a cruel, cold ‘redirect from to a page on Yahoo Guesthouse.

It turned out that the Yahoo pulled the trigger a little too soon on the invitations. Both he and another Yahoo rep told Stone the invitation arrived prematurely.

“We are currently testing this alpha service internally with Yahoo employees, as we do with most of our services,” said the other unnamed Yahoo rep.

That doesn’t get us any closer to understanding what Yahoo Mash could be about. Stone offered a few suggestions related to social networking, Flickr, and a couple of tongue in cheek theories.

We’re inclined to think it’s related to music videos and mashups, possibly connected to an upcoming promotional hookup with a label and maybe a soft drink company for a contest. That would be in line with prior promotions Yahoo has done.