Yahoo Marketing SVP To Leave Company

    June 9, 2009

In the last few months Jerry Yang spent as CEO of Yahoo, as well as the first few months of Carol Bartz’s reign, a lot of people got laid off.  Unfortunately for the company, at least a few valued employees are quitting, too, and a senior vice president is ready to join that second group’s ranks.

Allen Olivo is in charge of global brand marketing, and has been on Yahoo’s payroll for over three years.  He’s not the sort of guy Yahoo should want to lose, since according to Olivo’s LinkedIn profile, his past work experience includes stints at impressive corporations like Apple, Amazon, and Pacific Bell.

Allen Olivo

Yet as part of his profile, Olivo also stated that he’s interested in "career opportunities," "job inquiries," "business deals," "getting back in touch," "new ventures," "expertise requests," and "reference requests," which amounts to showing a lot of curiosity in things other than his current employer.

And statements about Olivo’s departure are well past the rumor stage now, with a Yahoo rep admitting to Kara Swisher, "Allen Olivo is leaving the company to pursue other interests."

From Carol Bartz’s point of view, the one silver lining to all of this might be that Olivo has apparently agreed to stick around for a bit to help his (as yet unnamed) replacement get situated.