Yahoo Mail On Sprint Mobile Devices

    June 8, 2005
    Chris Crum

Sprint customers can now get enhanced access to Yahoo Mail on their mobile devices. The two companies announced the launch of the first downloadable Yahoo Mail client application made for this purpose.

The application is called the Yahoo! Mail for Mobile client, and it is now available to consumers across the United States for certain devices made by Sprint.

Yahoo Mail On Sprint Mobile Devices

“This new Yahoo! Mail for Mobile client demonstrates our continuing commitment to extend our core Yahoo! services beyond the desktop, builds on the range of leading Yahoo! services we offer on mobile devices and gives our loyal users the products they know and love, whenever and wherever they need them,” said Doug Garland, Senior Vice President of Yahoo! Mobile.

The Yahoo! Mail for Mobile client application lets consumers easily access to their Yahoo! Mail accounts through a PC-like interface on a mobile device.

The service is designed to allow users with Sprint PCS Vision handsets to sign into and manage their Yahoo! Mail account from their phone, easily manage their messages, and access their Yahoo! Mail address books.

As David Utter of WebProNews reported in a previous article,

Subscribers will have Yahoo e-mail pushed to their phones after downloading some software, and will be billed by Sprint. Activities performed on the phone will be fully synchronized with the user’s Yahoo account. Users can write or delete messages, and access their Yahoo address book.

The big feature will be the push functionality, a service that had been limited to mostly corporate users equipped with BlackBerry and similar devices. Those users pay more per month than the $2.99 fee Sprint will charge its subscribers. The push feature can be scheduled by the user to happen at certain intervals of minutes, hourly, or daily.

Registration and download happen over the air. No additional PC software or connection will be needed. And messages sent over the air will be encrypted with AES-grade 128-bit coding.

Six years ago, Yahoo! and Sprint announced that they were working together to provide content from Yahoo to subscribers of Sprint PCS Wireless Web. This is just the latest feature of their partnership to be released.

Since the two companies originally announced their agreement, they have launched Yahoo! Mobile Photos and Yahoo! Messenger for Mobile client applications, not to mention mobile games like Yahoo! Poker and the availability of Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Finance on Yahoo!’s Mobile Internet service.

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