Yahoo Mail Gets Another Redesign (Already)

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Yahoo has launched another major redesign of Yahoo Mail. This isn’t incredibly surprising, given that the last one didn’t go over all that well with users.

Yahoo Mail user? What do you think of the new design? Let us know in the comments.

It would seem like a refresh is just what Yahoo Mail needed after all the backlash over the past several months, but judging on the reaction so far from the new design, this wasn’t the answer users were looking for. This is an updated version of this article, and you can see all the comments that have flooded in below.

With the new design, Yahoo is throwing in a free 1 TB of storage. You would think that would help ease the pain, but people seem to just want the old Yahoo Mail back.

The new Yahoo Mail follows Gmail’s lead, and offers users conversations view and themes (including curated Flickr photos). This is across the desktop version and the mobile apps.

Yahoo  Mail

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail on Mobile

Yahoo Mail on Mobile

If you select a theme on one device, it will update across all your devices.

Yahoo has turned functions like searching, starring and deleting emails into “one-click” actions, which appear when the user hovers over an email. The left-hand toolbar is also now able to be collapsed.

In addition to the new free storage, users are also getting some other free features that used to only be available for paying Mail Plus customers. These include disposable email addresses, enhanced filters and automatic message forwarding. You can use up to 200 filters, which is twice as many as before. It also now includes offline access with POP, so you can download your messages using a desktop email app.

Mail Plus is no longer being offered to new users, but you can still use it for the same price if you already have been. You can also request a refund if you like. Yahoo now has another premium service called Yahoo Ad Free Email. This costs $49.99 a year for an account.

To start out, the new design is available for the desktop in English in the US, Canada, UK, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa. More countries and languages will come later. The mobile apps are available globally immediately on iOS, Android and Windows 8.

Meanwhile, we’ve been seeing some complaints that Yahoo has been deleting contacts from people’s accounts due to its email address recycling program. In some cases, however, they’re deleting valid addresses.

Share your thoughts about the new Yahoo Mail in the comments.

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Yahoo Mail Gets Another Redesign (Already)
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  • Monica Zegers

    What is wrong with you. This update is to bad. I’m going to gmail.

    • robert


      • bocash3

        Finally, I see that many others join me in detesting the “new” Yahoo email pages. Multiple emails, lost emails, can’t find replies I truly need. Also getting complaints from people I send them too and end up having to talk on the telephone to get facts straight. NOW…………..I just received an email from a friend and another email is attached to it from someone else that is not even related. How does this happen? This destroys my faith in Yahoo being able to protect any form of privacy……….. emails from two different people showing up on the same page and subjects are totally unrelated.

        Been a member of Yahoo since 1997. It is time to look elsewhere.

        Highly annoyed at Yahoo in NC. ……………..

  • Kay Nathan

    There have been hundreds of negative comments on forums about Yahoo!’s “new look” which, to say the very least, is as clumsy as it is completely annoying. Despite it all, Yahoo doesn’t seem to care about its users – many who’ve been using Yahoo for several years. Their attitude is as disappointing as the new design is an absolute nightmare. It looks like grand shoddiness has replaced the well-tested and robust functionality of some of the better features of the old Classic layout. And the code doesn’t seem to have been tested.

    On Firefox (Ver. 21) running on Windows 8 (64-bit), the new layout simply does not appear in the same manners as it does on IE 10. The icons render as small text boxes; the font is disproportionately large, the text display window area seems to have been shrunk in order to accommodate advertisements; the navigation is near impossible.

    The “new look” hardly has any features that Yahoo! erroneously believes its users will “love.” No, Yahoo!, the new look evokes deeply negatives feelings of anger, frustration and disappointment at your bewildering depth of stupidity.

    • Sanda

      I have lost so much time trying to figure out what happened to the features I knew and didn’t realise I loved so much. This version is buggy, my folders don’t display properly. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

      • David

        Ditto. Sent messages can’t be retrieved in any understandable order. I can’t believe how bad it is.

  • David

    Yahoo email proves that they have no idea what they’re doing. Their search is terrible, and now mail is unusable. What a disaster.

  • J.Strauss

    This article is incorrect in stating that you can go back to MailPlus if you were a previous paying customer. This is not true; the only option is to use the current awful version, or switch to “basic” version which also has no tabs, and no mail options, just their standard less user friendly, etc. You can, however, disable the lumping of multiple emails in the same thread together in the newest version by going to settings, writing emails, and then unclicking “enable conversations”. This will at least stop that if it’s a problem for you. However, generally the “upgrade” to yahoo mail is a very big “downgrade”. The tabs was the best (an frankly just about the only) differentiating point, and now they have removed that, so I will probably just switch over to mac mail. At least mac mail allows you to open & view as many emails as you want at the same time. Yahoo, if you are listening, you really should re-instate the tabs; that was a huge convenience which you sold us all on, then ripped away with no notice. For shame. If it’s not back in the next 2 weeks, you will be losing a LOT more paying customers.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      Yahoo says in its blog post, “Current Mail Plus customers can continue to use Mail Plus and can learn more here.”

  • Tod

    Couldn’t they have asked us first? How do I revert to the previous version, which worked fine? Does anyone know how?!

  • Jeffk

    ABSOLUTELY STINKS. Confusing, pointless stupid “upgrade”

    If Yahoo doesn’t offer an option to go back to the original format I’m seriously considering deleting my yahoo accounts. Sure, it’s a hassle and I’ll have to change a ton of connecting stuff. But it will be less of a hassle than dealing with this amateur hour designed abomination.

  • L

    I am tired of all the changes. It was working before. Have they never heard of the phase “If its not broke don’t fix it”

  • RPM

    I cannot agree more with these comments, especially the initial one from TFN. Thank you!! I don’t know if Yahoo is reading these, but there are really only 2 possibilities:

    1) Either the nut-jobs in charge of Yahoo are completely clueless and incompetent, or
    2) This was done deliberately to slow down efficiency.

    Since I cannot imagine any reason to do this deliberately, except for some sick, narcissistic, sadistic pleasure; I must assume the Yahoo management are incompetent, clueless, idiots.

    Therefore, they are also incapable of listening or responding to reason.

    TFN, please post your new email provider when you find one because I will be dropping Yahoo also, after 8 years.

    By the way, if anyone is thinking about Gmail, I cannot recommend it. I have a gmail account, which I tried to make sense of. I do not use it now because of the same reason all of you angry with Yahoo. It appears Yahoo just copied Gmail.

  • gd

    Try this solution to bring back previous version at

  • nothanks

    THis new Yahoo is garbage, I log in and it looks almost same as Gmail or Outlook 2013 web service…

    no hard lines to differentiate between subject area, no BCC visible, text formatting options at bottom of compose window instead of top, conversation view jumbles everything together and its not clear if your last email is at the top or bottom of email chain… just a horrid mess. What a POS turd.

    How the hell do engineers at Yahoo think this is an improvement? These types of changes are only going to drive people away, not attract them. News to Yahoo, your userbase is not made up of teens — it’s the older generation — moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas. When my mom needed a simple email interface, I signed her up for Yahoo (old design) because it was CLEAR and EASY to use. This is no longer the case and I get the sense the amount of frustration experienced by their aging users will be astronomical.

    Screw this update, it’s the last straw… another few executives at an email company thinking it knows best vs. what its actual users do.

  • CWS

    Take action against these changes! Email Marissa Mayer. Sign the change.org petition.
    Join the FB group.https://www.facebook.com/groups/yahoomailfail/

    And contact others in the media! That might actually get their attention, if any reporter will listen to anything other than the normal narrative of Mayer being Yahoo’s savior (and a new mom to boot! Wow!)

  • Positive One

    Although my email moniker is positiveone, I have never felt so angry or as negative as I am right now at YAHOO!!

    I forwarded a very important email to a client, making sure to delete the contents of the prior history in the email and stupid YAHOO STILL incorporated email history! WHAT?!


  • Chris Christian

    when you take a very good platform like yahoo mail and screw it up you keep making changes to what was already working you get a new gmail user. Stop making changes in it. Oh and put the send button in the right had column with the Compose button. It stinks where it is and is a pain to get emails out when you have several up to different recipients. Stop Screwing with your platform. You give us just enough time to get used to it and then change it. Change for the sake of change is a good way to send your users to Gmail. I have been with you for a long time and am considering it.

  • felina

    I was shocked and irritated when I logged into our Yahoo! business account on the 9th and saw what looked almost exactly like my gmail account (which I NEVER use because I HATE the layout). Where were my tabs? Where were my easily accessible folders? Where were all of the user friendly options I have become used to? More importantly, where was the courtesy email to inform me that I was going to have all of these torn away?

    My personal email account was force migrated to gmail by my school several months ago, and I was livid then. Being forced to use a new interface without being asked by your provider is horrendous. I already had a gmail account, of course, since I can’t use Youtube without it, or the apps on my phone. I dislike gmail, I dislike their features, I dislike their layout, I dislike, the conversation grouping, I dislike…well almost everything. So…I never use it.

    I use Yahoo! because I love the tabs, I love my folders, I love…well, almost everything. I feel betrayed by logging on and finding gmail in my Yahoo!. I then went through their feedback forum and, low and behold, found thousands of other dissatisfied users, and not a single happy consumer. Many of us PAY to use this service, we PAY because we like what we have. There is a reason we are not gmail users.

    I have seen some articles espousing the new layout “Yahoo! has taken some of the best features from gmail and incorporated them into the new layout.” Uh, no, no they didn’t, they just pissed off a lot of people. As I read these glowing critiques I realize, these people are not Yahoo! users, they did not utilize the old version, they simply came on to look at the new one. It’s like a dog breeder discussing the positive attributes of your cat.

    In any event, I can’t stand the new Yahoo!, and may migrate our business account elsewhere, since the likelihood of them offering to reinstate the last version is probably non-existent.

  • KeJo

    NO TABS!!
    no tabs, no dice. fix it yahoo, NOW.

  • http://www.roycobden.com Roy Cobden

    Yahoo mail has sacrificed it’s best usability features for an appearance makeover.

    Why you’d want to copy the ugly gmail/hotmail look who knows. Who cares?

    I could live with the icky new look, no problem, IF THE USABILITY WAS AS GOOD.

    – operations that were 1 click now require more
    – right click menus are gone
    – tabs are gone
    – fonts are harder to read
    – sorts on columns are gone

    GREAT usability features are GONE.

    Wtf were they thinking?

    Style with NO SUBSTANCE is what’s left.

    The new yahoo mail interface is a pig in colored lipstick.

    Who of sound mind would give up the best usability features of an application for a copycat ‘appearance makeover’ and have the nerve (or abject stupidity) to call it an improvement?

  • robert

    Same as everyone else, screen freezing, buttons not working, draught saving function not working and just lost an email that took me an hour to write. All this after having an “update” forced on me no more than a few weeks ago.
    Cool people who want their emails configured in this way are already using “cool email” systems not Yahoo.
    This will not bring in new users, just alienate and eventually lose existing users.
    Very, very bad decision Yahoo

  • Range

    I am a fully paid up $19.99 a year Premium email subscriber and have been with Yahoo Mail for the past ten years.

    Today, I log in to my Yahoo Mail account to add a “disposable email address” – I move my cursor over the “gear” icon and MAIL OPTIONS is GONE!! The ONLY choices I have are:
    Themes > Settings > Ad Free Mail > Help > Privacy > Legal > Copyright Notice > About Our Ads and Account Info.

    I am EXTREMELY pissed at this effrontery on the part of yahoo to dismantle my account. To deliberately HIDE important features that I am PAYING FOR!!!

    I tried to CONTACT US and was routed and re-routed until I was so spent to care any more and yet, at the end of this Contact Us attempt, yahoo told me they “could not make any suggestions to resolve my issue” and THAT… is where I was left.

    I am SOOOOOO FRUSTRATED by their ARROGANCE and INEPTITUDE in this new-look-google-crap-mail-copy-imitation that I will, no doubt, be cancelling this fraud of yahoo and going elsewhere.

    Yahoo SURE knows how to ruin a simple, USER FRIENDLY application and turn it to CRAP!

    SCREW YAHOO AND THE HORSE THEY RODE IN ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Natalie

      I hate this format….I hated the one before!!!!!!! I want the old format back…I don’t like being manipulated into having to have the newer formats. Before, I was able to go back to the old….now they won’t let you!! I am going to another email ….I hate Yahoo for doing this and continuing to do this…They don’t want you to be able to go back to what you want! Have they ever been told about Customer Relations????????????????????????

  • Phoeny

    I know of 7 people who have moved to Gmail since the new version of Yahoo mail was launched and it is very soon going to be 8 – ME!!

    Totally user ‘unfriendly’ many aspects of it just do not work, why did they’fix’ it when it was not broken???????????????

  • archie

    I wonder if this extended service to mobile users must be why my old standard service hasn’t updated my inbox in 3 days….and, no, various means to ‘refresh’ the inbox fail. I’m just glad I put an autorespond on my yahoo mail months ago (when forced into the awful ‘new yahoo’app) so anyone that sends me a message is directed to resend that message to my gmail account. Wish we could permanently furlough the people that devised this series of changes!

  • Tiffaney

    I totally get that humans are inherently resistant to change. That said however, I do not personally have an issue with the fact that this mail client has changed. I have MAJOR issues with not even being able to send new messages (just keeps cycling) or retrieve messages that have already been sent. This is not acceptable and I have had to bypass the Yahoo mail client in favor of my less used Gmail account. Primarily because I have had this email address since forever, I would prefer to continue to use Yahoo. BUT, the bugginess needs to be worked out pronto.

  • Julie

    I’m also looking to leave after 13+ years with the same yahoo address. Despite Yahoo’s high hackability, I’ve never left due to hating all the other interfaces – Gmail. Now that Yahoo! is just like Gmail, I might as well go to Gmail, or best yet, find another option with a decent UI.

  • china

    The one thing I really liked about the old yahoo mail was the TABS. Now they are gone.

  • http://www.cafepress.com/just_think TheDevian

    I can’t believe it is even worse, and they made it even harder to do things, the only good thing I can say is at least the message window is bigger, but there is still too much wasted space and it is really hard to click the right spots and not screw up what you were doing & lose it all.

  • Roni

    I am really beginning to hate the arseholes that run yahoo its has now been changed twice this year its users have NO SAY in what THEY do with our mail? God knows what else we will have to put up with its so f****n crap NOT user friendly anymore! They take our old email addresses and give them to anyone who wants them and if your list of contacts is on there too bad every bullock brained arse will send all sorts of crap to you, your family and friends! In fact Gmail is one billion miles better than yahoo in every possible way and as long as it continues to be better I’ll keep using it!

    One P****d off user

  • TN boywonder

    TF, Your story is so well written that it could be my story. This thing is a disaster, I have had a yahoo email over 10 years, I hate everything about Gmail, and I am spent today seeking alternative email platforms.

    Thing is, it’s hard to learn a new way of doing things “on the fly” and I just can’t dedicate the time in the middle of the week to learn a new system.

  • Bishrelt

    I am very unhappy with the change. Gmail is horrible and I really liked my Yahoo. Now it is a lot like gmail with a lot of problems. Time to leave yahoo! I agree they should let you keep the old format because it was a lot better. I like to have a lot of my drafts up so I can see them and now that feature is gone. So frustrating.

  • Judy

    my old yahoo came back tonight. Firefox is my browser and I had switched back to basic using the “settings” and then switched back again. I don’t know how it came back with tabs, folders, save to drafts, print, font, etc. All as it was before the mess…

    • JG

      Mine returned briefly… then went again.

  • http://www.realsystemsug.com alex

    The new Yahoo mail is not good for a busy office person; you can not keep many tabs open as in the older design – very busy people like me need so many tabs open and gives us ease of perusing through and communicating. Other bug; if you are responding to a mail – you have no control over the message subject i.e you can not edit it to catch attention of the receiver – how do I switch to the old yahoo interface??

  • deb

    Terrible! Devastating! I am RUINED!!!!!!!!! All my important messages are GONE!!!!!! What is WRONG with you people? Are you in cahoots with Obama to destroy us!

  • Tonya

    I really dislike the resdesign. I figured out how to turn off the conversations. I don’t like that this is the default and I did not get a heads up from Yahoo about this MAJOR change. Additionally many of the icons next to the e-mails is distorted. It looks like a little box with E001 ect in the box. ????. In Internet Explorer 9 it doesn’t even show me options next the send button when composing an e-mail. I cant click on spell check. In Mozilla Firefox 24 it shows them but again as boxes with E002 etc in the boxes. I can see what they really are by mousing over it. If this isn’t changed soon, I will be getting rid of my Yahoo accout that I have had for years.

  • Helga

    I hate the new design. It’s unusable – you can’t compose more than one message at a time. You can’t change something in the subject line when you reply to all, I hate the conversation format. You can’t open more than one mail at a time. It slows everything down. I am really angry about being forced to adopt a new version that I don’t like.

    Yahoo just ignores it’s user feedback – everybody hates the new mail – you should check out the feedback page! It makes you feel powerless – I wish there was some way of taking revenge on Yahoo so that they would listen to us.

  • Martin

    I agree with so many of the comments. The people in Yahoo who should go are the ones who hired Marissa Mayer – they obviously wanted a GMail-like Yahoo.

    I have used Yahoo as my mail provider since I first went online in 2003. No more. I have found mail.com : an attractive interface, tabs, and even folders within folders! I should have left Yahoo years ago.

  • Dave

    This version is absolutely horrid. I’ve been using Yahoo mail since 2000 and now have several email accounts. The Basic setting will probably be OK for a couple of them and I might keep those for a while, but I should probably just convert all of them to Hotmail.

    I’ve been a programmer since 1982. I started programming with Assembler and have even programmed in machine code. I have used many other languages since then and who knows how many programming tools. This is just plain bad……

  • JG

    I hate what Yahoo has done to email and to its groups. Everything is so confusing. Having helped set up basic yahoo email accounts with many people who are confused when looking at a mass of information on a screen due to disabilities, I fear they will now panic when they are faced with this interface.
    Myself, I returned my settings to Basic and save it as it is the option closest to the old style, but that setting returns to fully featured every time I return to yahoo. Why can’t I choose Basic in the settings and it stay that way?
    Sorry Yahoo, you have gone too far again. Last time you had to return all groups to the original format because you messed up something that simply worked as it should. Now my yahoo groups are so confusing, people are leaving or no longer visiting the online sites.
    Time to leave Yahoo and let it die I think.

  • Barry

    New yahoo format sucks. I hate it and will be leaving for another e-mail provider. Who ever designed this new format didn’t know what he or she was doing.

  • Shubha Wambach

    I absolutely hate the gmail interface which seems to be designed to punish people for using a free service. As a Plus user, seeing the the new Yahoo interface appear suddenly is a nightmare. I loved the Yahoo message tabs as well as the Inbox, Calendar, Contacts and other folder tabs and now they are gone. It’s like going backwards to a more primitive, basic user interface. The new user interface is also extremely buggy and I keep getting error messages or it hangs or empty pages appear. Also had problems deleting drafts. I spent an hour trying to use Help to find out how to get tabs back and I just get nowhere. What’s worse it the Help claims that this new interface now provides these tabs, as if its new and I should see it. But I had it in the old version and now it’s not there.

  • LongTimeCustomer

    This summer, mail.yahoo.com went from excellent to bad. Now it went from bad to worse. What madness has possessed this company? I have stuck with Yahoo Mail for more years I can remember after first trying all sorts of email clients and services. Yahoo Mail was the ONE which combined most of the good features from both worlds. It’s notepad was an additional bonus. If I preferred cumbersome, time-wasting, confusing junk like gmail, I would have switched long ago. The fact that I didn’t proves I don’t. The only reasons I didn’t switch to a new provider this summer were (A) the amount of saved content of mine on Yahoo’s servers and (B) my extremely taxing new job which leaves me little time. Despite that little time I DID find a way to quickly download my Yahoo Notepad files, though, and now – after the latest interface redesign – I may feel the need strongly enough to make time and find a new provider for my personal email. What a waste of time when all I want is what I already had before some morons (or hostile takeover mules) at Yahoo did a number on all us loyal customers. I mean the word ‘customers’. I am one of those who actually paid Yahoo for its email service in the past.

  • Matt

    Where are the tabs? And why is it so hard to insert the sender’s email address? Way to make Yahoo Mail worse!

    And I totally agree with everyone saying that if I wanted Gmail, I’d be using Gmail. The one thing that you had going for you was that it wasn’t like gmail. Now that you’re making yourself more similar to Gmail, I may as well stop using you. Yahoo has always been a little slower than Gmail. But I always liked the set up of Yahoo.

    My favorite parts of the previous version:

    1. Tabs were an amazing feature, please bring it back! This was your best feature over Shitty gmail.
    2. The auto insertion of somebody’s name when I start typing somebody’s name in the “To” field of composing an email.

  • http://yahoo keith allen

    It’s simple: Yahoo doesn’t listen to their customers. It doesn’t matter who they bring in as CEO, if you’re not listening to your customers you will fail in the market place. They had something decent and they went and changed it without really considering how it would affect their base. Like many folks here I’m looking at options. I’m sick and tired of getting yanked around.

  • RH

    I too, do not like the changes that Yahoo have been forcing down their customers throats. The last one is Terrible and I am going elsewhere.
    Working on getting all my email contacts notified.
    Their ads are so bad, that you can not stop them or their lousy themes.
    Yahoo is treating their customers like the auto manufacturers are on their infotainment systems. They take away the things the you need on your auto, like oil press and battery gauges, useful temp age, locking gas doors, and too many others to mentioned.
    And they add all those things that you do not want, need or can get rid of and forces you to take your eyes off the road to use. Ford is one of the worse, but the others are real bad, too.
    Yahoo had joined that gang of snollygosters.

  • Roy

    Yahoo mail sucks even more now. I’ve used Yahoo mail since the late 90’s. I’ve had it. I’m now in the process of converting everything to gmail. Goodbye Yahoo.

    • http://N/a Mark

      I can’t help but wonder if there’s a conspiracy…

      Option 1: This new exec lady used to work for Gmail didn’t she? Maybe she’s intentionally screwed Y! and get a bit of a bonus from Gmail?

      Option 2: They intentionally make a screw-up to get more people to read about Y!Mail and then revert back to the nicer “old” version causing curiosity with the Gmail and Hotmail (and other users) thereby getting more users…

      Option 3: something else very imaginative..

      … but all equally frustrating to the users! :-(

  • Charley Lingerfelt

    This is the worst email software update from Yahoo in a long time. It is buggy. Emails are not sending. Basic Email is not always allowing address book lookup and more.
    Please ROLL-BACK until the code, font, layout and performance issue are addressed!
    Thank You
    Long-Time Yahoo Fan

  • http://mail jean mahrous

    I think the last version is the most impossibly stupid system I have ever seen. I am searching for an alternative to replace my yahoo e-mails and as disagreeable as it is to me, will check out the old Hotmail.

  • Carter

    The newer version has few choices when sorting. No sender, no subject. Very, very hard to manage email. I care more about functionality than look and feel. I don’t just want to see email by date, unread, or attachment. Duh…

    May leave Yahoo if they don’t get this right…

  • richard



  • http://www.seraphichubviews.com Tony

    I have never seen such a disgusting innovation such as the new yahoo mail! It is even more difficult to navigate and organize mails. very disgusting!!!!

  • jan m c

    Pls go here for the petition against the new yahoo mail version.

    • Glenda Oakley

      Thanks for the link, I already have signed it earlier and posted it on some comments in the “send feedback” at the bottom of yahoo email page.There is a LOT of signatures.

  • Glenda Oakley

    I too do not like most of the new yahoo. Deleting emails is a disaster. First the bold unread was not there, but that came back. Better. Now, I spent 10 minutes looking down the list of 90 emails, ticking the boxes of the ones I was not going to read and then clicked the delete button. Nothing happened. Could not delete multiple emails. I tried deleting just one, it worked…once. Then I had to open the email, then delete it. But then I was faced with a blank screen, so then had to click on inbox to get back to the list of my emails. It is taking time. It is so annoying. This happens every time. When I click on a facebook notification, read the post, click delete, same deal.It wasn’t broken before, why do all this and make things slower.I already have gmail accounts, don’t make me use them for my primary email address.

  • Harold Balde

    Change for the sake of change is a big mistake. If one is going to innovate, do some home work or tests before implementing. The executives at yahoo are to blame. They feel that a new face lift is what yahoo needs…….they have failed………remove them or transfer them as they are irresponsible. At least offer people a choice of Yahoo Classic and see what the outcome is of the people vote.
    Also as a final note, I believe that people do not want to play find waldo for simple features like doing a print page.

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