A Lot Of People Seem To Have A Problem With The New Yahoo Mail

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A Lot Of People Seem To Have A Problem With The New Yahoo Mail
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Yahoo Mail Classic is now dead. Yahoo Mail users, as of Monday, no longer have the option of using the old version, and must instead use the new version, which Yahoo reminds them, serves ads based on the content of their emails, much like Google’s Gmail has always done. As one might imagine, a lot of users are less than thrilled about this.

What do you think of the new Yahoo Mail? Let us know in the comments.

“Beginning the week of June 3, 2013, older versions of Yahoo! Mail (including Yahoo! Mail Classic) will no longer be available,” wrote Yahoo in its help center fairwell (via TechCrunch). “After that, you can access your Yahoo! Mail only if you upgrade to the new version. You should have received an email from Yahoo! letting you know that your account required an upgrade.”

Yahoo noted that when you upgrade, you are accepting its Communications Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which includes the acceptance of “automated content scanning and analyzing of your communications content, which Yahoo! uses to deliver product features, relevant advertising, and abuse protection.”

“If you prefer to opt out of interest-based and contextual-based advertising resulting from your scanned and analyzed communications content, you can change your settings at any time using our Ad Interest Manager,” Yahoo said.

So, it’s even letting you opt out of ads, but that doesn’t mean they won’t scan your mail. You still have to accept Yahoo’s terms.

Those who don’t want to use the new Yahoo Mail were directed to download their mail using IMAP or close their account.

Yahoo’s mention of scanning email to serve ads comes as search partner Microsoft has been campaigning against Google for doing just that, despite the fact that Google has always done this, and has always been quite clear about it.

To many people this really isn’t a big deal. Gmail hasn’t had any shortage of users, and it’s not as though humans are reading users’ email to try and determine which ads to show. It’s all automated. Those who are concerned about this practice, however, could play right into Microsoft’s hands.

Suddenly the timing of Microsoft’s campaign seems a lot better from a marketing standpoint. It seemed odd that Microsoft would attack Google suddenly for something it had been doing for nearly a decade and made not efforts to hide. But now we have the previously announced Yahoo Mail redesign, which engages in similar practices as Google, being forced on users. Could Microsoft users have made enough Yahoo users uneasy about this practice in general to get some of them to switch over to its own Outlook.com (the focal point of that particular “Scroogled” campaign)?

As Declan McCullagh at CNET points out, Yahoo actually adopted the policy that lets it scan emails and serve ads back in 2011. He writes:

It’s not clear why Yahoo felt the need to remind existing users of language in its 2011 terms of service. One possibility, though, is an effort to head off privacy lawsuits brought by class action lawyers hoping for a million-dollar jackpot. (If there’s ever any litigation, defense counsel would surely prefer to rely on informed consent rather than implied consent.)

It’s not merely a theoretical possibility: Google was sued in 2011 by a Massachusetts AOL user who sent e-mail to a Gmail account and then claimed her privacy was invaded. Near-identical lawsuits were filed in Marin County, Calif., (PDF) in June 2012, British Columbia (PDF) in October 2012, and Florida (PDF) in November 2012. On April 29, two college students filed yet another suit (PDF) seeking class action status in San Jose, Calif.

The shuttering of Yahoo Mail Classic also comes on the heels of a separate Yahoo Mail privacy-related story. Last week, a BT made some headlines when it said it would no longer make Yahoo Mail the default email service for its six million customers because of concerns that accounts are vulnerable to getting hacked.

Gerry Smith at The Huffington Post writes, “The shift of BT’s 6 million customers to another email service represents just a small fraction of Yahoo’s overall email customer base of about 280 million people worldwide. But the loss of clients could be a troubling sign for a company that relies heavily on maintaining its email users to generate advertising revenue. Yahoo is now the third-largest email provider after Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Outlook.com.”

Meanwhile, the top dog, Gmail, continues to make efforts to stay ahead of the competitive curve. Last week, Google announced the launch of the new inbox for Gmail, which introduces a new tabbed organization interface.

Privacy concerns aren’t the only thing bothering users, however. Business Insider conducted a survey, finding that 57% of users are unhappy with the new Yahoo Mail. Nicholas Carlson lists a few of the specific complaints users shared:

“The mail message frame is not fixed. If you read a new message, and scroll down to the bottom and decide you don’t want to keep it, you can no longer access the delete button. Yes, obviously you can just close the email and then choose it again and delete, but that is a total waste of time and key strokes.”

“Yahoo disappears emails sent between legitimate and active Yahoo accounts.”

“I used Yahoo mail as a central box for most of my domain emails. After switching a couple of weeks ago and sending 30 test mails over three days to make sure it was all working, 6 never arrived. I even have specific filters set-up within Yahoo mail to make sure certain mails do not get put in the trash or spam by mistake.”

“It’s very laggy, and that pause of a second or two between commands makes it extremely frustrating.”

“The new version of Yahoo mail makes all my messages older than a week or so unreadable. I get “Error 45″ and the messages fail to load. There are numerous reports about this on the net; so far Yahoo hasn’t managed to fix it. So, I have to launch the classic version of Yahoo mail just to read old messages. Fail.”

“Right after the switch I was hacked and my contacts all 500 plus were gone without a trace.”

We’ve seen further complaints in the comments of our own coverage.

Users have had since December to get accustomed to the new Yahoo Mail. More on the redesign here.

Yahoo has been engaging in a lot of redesigns across its various properties. This week, Yahoo also rolled out a new look for its search results pages to go with its recently redesigned homepage. A big Flickr redesign was also recently launched.

Is Yahoo moving in the right direction with Mail? How about as a company in general? Share your thoughts in the comments.

A Lot Of People Seem To Have A Problem With The New Yahoo Mail
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  • DaveW

    I was forced to switch to the new ATT/Yahoo email service yesterday 6/10/13 and cannot read most of my email due to whatever and get this message “There appears to be a problem loading the email “……”. Retry’ and when the Retry button is optioned ” Temporary Error – Syntax error – Response parse failed.OK ” message appears. I set up mail forwarding to my AOL email account and can read my unreadable ATT/Yahoo email there ok.

  • http://www.howtoselloncraigslistebook.com/2013/01/how-to-switch-back-to-yahoo-mail-classic/ Nick

    I hate the new version. I switched to it a long time ago because I thought it would be an improvement, and I hated the way it worked. When you click an email title, the email opens in a new tab? Really? The classic version is so much better and user friendly. I am still using Yahoo Mail Classic, too. There is a way to still switch it back to classic from the new version.

    • Srinath

      utter flop yahoo ! just hate the newer yahoo mail. very unfriendly.

  • Stephanie

    The new version of Yahoo Mail has gone backwards instead of advancing. The sort functions and pretty much all previous functions are not as user friendly. When scrolling down an email the headers to not freeze in place so you must scroll back up to delete, forward, etc. The whole concept is ridiculous! I hate it and will more than likely seek another email carrier.

  • Sami Wilberforce

    Why stay where we are not needed! Time to switch to another mail provider

    • issaas

      I concur··it is time to get prepared to s witch to anoter free email server. With yahoo mailbox crashing every time you open it on Andoid tablet, it is time to change another free mail provider!

  • marti cox

    I agree with most of the comments complaining. I do not like the header not freezing. I don’t like that there is no spell check and I am sure that I will find many additional things I do not like as I use it more.

  • DWL

    Well, so much for Yahoo email which I’ve used for well over 10 years.
    The Yahoo brass decided to simply ignore the fact that many of its users can NOT upgrade to its “newer” version due to system limitations.
    There are many thousands of users who are still using so-called “ancient” software because they can’t afford to purchase a new machine with the latest operating system and browsers.

    One would think that the Yahoo brass would want to KEEP those users, and thereby retain the “Classic” version as an option. But obviously they have no intention of doing that.

    Since I have an “old” PC, I’ll have to say “Goodbye” to Yahoo and switch over to one of the many other services which, while they also have upgraded their systems, maintained backward compatibility for us folks who can’t afford a “new” PC.

  • Bobby

    I just keep yelling at Yahoo! Mail in the feedback that I want to be able to center click on my mouse on the subject line of my inbox and quickly open emails into new tabs. I have another email address on the “new” design and it’s slow, I can’t get done what I want to do, and it just fights me every way possible. I told them I use the “classic” version of Yahoo Mail because it’s fast. I can’t center click and open emails into tabs in Hotmail – it’s the reason why I still have a Yahoo! email account after all these years.

    Just keep telling Yahoo Mail in feedback that the Classic version is the only version they should have!!

  • Lois Anderson

    yahoo alert webmaster> please fix containers to fit space

    and also warp text to containers all.

    Maybe you don’t see this on your screen, but with the ads

    on the right, they force the text in the email to form a

    scrolling container when I see it. It cuts off and have to scroll

    horizontal to read every line back and forth.

    I use a 20 inch screen.

    Also having the box you check next to email-list, should be

    to the left of the subject title, so you can delete it or move it

    more easily and faster.

  • Rita

    Dear Sir or Madam,I find the new Yahoo mail very confusing,the worst part is that after logging on just have a small part to read mail as the righthand side is filled with adverts,can`t even find a spot to `HIDE` them.where I realise you are paid handsomely to put in these adverts,you will lose customers.I have been a long time with Yahoo but now will switch, I have an account with G/mail anyway but don`t use it that much.(having second thoughts now)The old saying is `if it aint broke`!!!!There are downloads to help but I don`t use downloads unless neccessary…regards R. Fraser..

  • Constance

    You went back in time not forward with this new email….can’t even use a color in the body of my email now….you call that progress?….bring back the old version….it has more options and is much more user friendly.

  • Karen

    In the previous version, I could perform a keyword search on all emails in my inbox, then choose the “Select All” action to tag them for deletion or to move them to a folder. It is a basic email management tool that I can not find in the new version. Am I missing something or did this feature disappear in the new version?

  • http://apple-afficianado.weebly.com/ Apple Afficianado

    I was just checking my Yahoo mail account that I made recently to separate things from my Gmail account that I primarily use, and I was thinking the exact same thing. Then I saw this article and I just had to throw in my two cents: Gmail hasn’t changed much since it’s inception, but maybe that is a good thing. Yahoo is constantly changing things trying to get a leg up on the competition but they just can’t seem to ever get it right. And then the few rare times that I like something that Yahoo does, they change it so fast I barely got a chance to enjoy it. Sorry Yahoo but there’s a reason that you’re being left behind.

  • http://yahoomail tex77007

    I’ve also had this email address for quite a while but I am going to switch to google. I hate the new format it acts like it’s working and then nothing at all.

  • Brandy

    This new mail just appeared for me today.
    I thought there was supposed to be a warning or something?
    Thank you for the tip to remove most ads with “Ad Interest Manager”.
    I have now opted out of all.
    I used to be able to open emails in other tabs with classic, now it looks like I can’t do that anymore. :(

  • Tami

    It’s horrible! Time to change.

  • Thomas

    I don’t like the new Yahho mail it STINKS ! And I even hate & am extremely angry that I’m being forced to us the new Yahoo. I like the Yahoo Mail Classic better & I like freedom of choice. I don’t like someone else to decide for me force me to do anything. They say Yahoo Mail Classic is dead too bad becasue I thought Socialism & Communism are dead !!!!! STINKS !!!!!

  • Norman

    There are alternatives to Yahoo Mail. I downloaded and installed Eudora 7.1 from http://www.eudora.com/download/ yesterday and transferred all my Yahoo Mail since 1999 to this program. It has the same interface as Yahoo Classic Mail with no advertisements and it is Open Source. I will experiment with the program to verify that it is stable on my Windows Xp Sp3 before I delete all my messages on Yahoo as well as my Yahoo address book. Perhaps Yahoo was forced to introduce this new mail program because they could not control the hackers from attacking the old program. All I know is, is that hackers will find it difficult attacking 1 billion individual computer email accounts rather than one big company like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft. Of course the advertising revenue will be zilch for the Big 3 since they will not be able to mine your data.

  • Dave

    I’ve been using the classic since the late 90’s, since it worked just fine for my purposes, and still does. Was just forced to “upgrade” today. My address book is un-usable, so I can’t even contact my friends to tell them to use the gmail account from here on out since I absolutely HATE the usability of the “new and improved” yahoo mail. I’ll just have to download all my mail and move on.

  • CallMeBC

    I was changed over recently, and to me honest, this is likely to finally cause me drop my Yahoo mail account after all these years, or at the least have a Gmail account pull from it. While I have other mail accounts, my Yahoo account was my default because I’ve had it longer than my other accounts. The new interface is so poorly designed and shows such poor thinking that it’s practically embarrassing to even use. I found a posted link that takes you to the old interface, but if you do a search or such, you end up popping back into the new interface.

  • Sandy Belvedere


  • Donnie

    i hate when companies update things there is nothing wrong with a plain classic layout i don’t need huge fancy skins or gadgets or shortcut buttons or a bunch of drop down menu’s all that is is unneeded extras !

  • Carol Gabbert

    I have the upgraded ‘pay-for’ type of Yahoo mail. The day my account was switched, someone hacked into my contacts and sent out emails to everyone on the list.

    We have 2 PC’s at home, one of which uses Windows XP. Since the switch, I cannot view/use my yahoo mail on the older PC. I can log in, and log-out, nothing else is visible on-screen. To actually view my messages, I use another PC with Windows 7. This occurs in both I.E. and Chrome.

    As for the “new” version, I don’t like it. I use more than one Yahoo mail user-id, in part, to separate out mail from different sources.
    In the old version, the recipients were clearly visible in the in-box.

    This is gone in the new version. In order to differentiate the addressee, you must access each message, and use the “show full header” command to see which user id the message was sent to! Very time-consuming.

    Not a happy camper.

  • Kelly

    I HATE the new yahoo mail. I have kept the old until today. I opened it, & had no choice. I was NOT warned that it would change at all!!!!
    I don’t know why, but I can’t get it to print out any emails, & I NEED to do that. I have to prove that I have applied to jobs for unemployment. “What now?!” I HATE it!!! I can’t even get it to print out the calendar! I know it’s not my printer, because anything outside of mail, it will print!!

  • yvette

    this is awful!!! why did they take such a good thing and ruined it? this format and the inconvenience that coes with it may seriously make me consider switching over to someone els. sucks!

  • Debi

    I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT. The worse piece of crap I’ve ever seen. I lost all of my folders with thousands of important documents in them.

  • terri

    I know my Mother said to never say the word “Hate” about something, but this new yahoo mail is ridiculous! How can you force someone to use a product that they may not want to download on their computer. It’s like an “OR ELSE”, type of move. Way to bully someone YAHOO!!!!! and it doesn’t even work properly.

  • Rick

    Yes it sucks big time… Draft letters disappear in BASIC MAIL even doing a shift/send (which is normal) In the NEW YAHOO MAIL draft letters sent remain with the email address placed in them. So now they stay in the draft folder yet with and email address. DUH. Laptops under screen resolution of 1024×768 are out of luck for using NEW YAHOO MAIL won’t display mail. If you laptop of netbook is maxed out at 1024×768 your shet out of luck. You would think that they would test anything new put out for they YAHOO community.. One more step closer to GMAIL…

  • Rick

    Why would anyone in business put out something they haven’t tested. Yahoo in my book today. YOU SUCK BIG TIME.. If you were a decision maker in my company it’s simple I would say YOU’RE FIRED…..

  • Felisa

    I’m going to transfer all my Yahoo accounts to another mail server. I hate the new interface and politics yahoo has adopted.

  • gsv

    This is easy-I hate it. Undo it please.

  • Judy J

    The ads that keep popping up and “wiggling” on the page are horrible. They have changed from the right side of the page which I seemed better able to ignore to the bottom left-hand side of the page. Thinking seriously about deleting my yahoo account and using another service. Need to get rid of the ads on the page – but most importantly the ones that keep wiggling around and distracting. Ugh!

  • ronyo9


    What happened to “OPTIONS” ???

    How can I change the glaring colours to something more soothing and less invasive to the senses????

    How Can I block SPAM or other nuisance mail domains?????

    Do I NEED this aggravation????

    Will Yahoo give users the option of going back to mail Classic? Probably not. But there’s other oprions, Like transferring everything from yahoo to a different email account.

    At this point it would b a lot of work but better than having Yahoo jerk me around every couple of years.


    The new version of YAHOO MAIL is terrible. I’ve lost my faith in your company. Take Care. RZR

  • Fred Aldridge

    Please return back to the old version or fix the new..The old sucks!!!

  • Paula

    I accidently clicked on the “switch to new version” I hate it! How ridiculous is it when I start typing a person’s name in the “to” line of a new email the OLD version would pop up with email addresses that start with those letter that I could then select who I want to send my email to. The NEW version doesn’t do that!!!! I have to go in to my address book to search for the person’s name and then click on select and insert. What a waste of time!!!! I want to switch back to the classic yahoo mail. PLease help!

  • Aurel Tofan

    New email is nothing but a junk compared with old classic yahoo mail.
    What I se is that Yahoo disregard what their customers want, it is what Yahoo wants. Probably, yahoo does not care if the customers do not want their new version of yahoo mail. They probably , forgot that customers are the most important asset they have. Yahoo can not survive without customers, but customers can survive without yahoo, they simply move to another internet provider. It is too bad when a company does not care what its customers want. Sooner or later it is going to reflect on their bottom line.

  • jen


  • ed

    i am very unhappy with the new yahoo mail. 1 . i resent being “forced” to make the switch , 2. there was nothing wrong with the old yahoo mail . 3 . if they are going to force you to change , they should at least make available SOME of the old traits of the yahoo classic . and 4 . if enough people (and i feel there are many ) are unhappy , doesn’t that tell you something ?? 😉

  • Donna Slice

    I hate it. It is so much LESS functional. I cannot group by unread mail. I cannot select all on a page. Yahoo, you screwed us by forcing this upgrade down our throats. Bad yahoo, BAD.

  • Fabian

    I cant read my new mail why?i cant agree with your new version

  • Antonio Posada

    This change was not good for me

  • keith williams

    I am puzzled why Classic was takedn away. I HATE the new crap. I can’t even bring up in private browsing It even looks like crap. Nobody will read this It is just letting us vent to get it out of our systems. I am going to give gmail a go to see if it is any better. At least I can do in private on Firefox. The browser options suck like in chrome. IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT !

  • Guy

    I think the new yahoo sucks. I will change and hope everyone does the same. @yahoo – who do you think you are fooling? Going backwards! Some dumb geek telling me I will use the new yahoo – NO WAYS DUDE – YOU CAN STICK IT

    • ken

      I with ya, I think that this will cost Yahoo big bucks for doing a way with Classic Mail, I am on my way back to Hotmail or Gmail, up yours Yahoo….

  • http://www.josiekatstrunk.com Maria Merklin

    Has anyone used the new Yahoo email on a tablet…kack! Even with my reading glasses its awful, glitchy and I can’t read anything. They are also truncating my emails without asking so I am missing data. Why force people to upgrade and yes, I am a paying Yahoo subscriber.

  • Gerry

    The new yahoo email is horrible…what “were” they thinking???? Please bring back the classic yahoo email. From what I’m experiencing, it’s like it’s in “beta”…they haven’t worked out the numerous “bugs” in it! Very disgusted & that’s putting it mildly.

  • K

    OMG- this is horrible and SO SLOW – can’t they do something about it? I lose SO much time everyday just sitting and waiting for the cursor. It’s an unbelievable step backwards! Classic was just fine!!!

  • TPope

    Yahoo – Too big to fail? – just watch!

    My wife has used Yahoo mail for years, and after being “bullied” away from Yahoo Classic and forced to use the “new” Yahoo mail she finds so many problems with it she’s considering moving to another mail sever, as obviously 57% of Yahoo mail users are about to do on their own.

    One of the biggest issues we found was that every email she sends converts all extended characters (such a quote marks, the ampersand character, apostrophes, and any other ASCII characters which use code conversion in HTML, to the HTML code version itself – so an apostrophe looks like: ' instead of just ‘ .

    Very frustrating, not to mention all the other debacles crammed into the half-baked release that they never took the time to Beta test correctly – Yahoo – “On their way out!” And, yes – you can quote me.

    • TPope

      Let me try that again since this site converts extended ASCII character codes to the actual character – an apostrophe in Yahoo mail when received looks like: (and you will have to remove the underscores: &_#_39_; – Hope that works.

  • Sam

    I cannot send an email to a contact list? Why is that?

  • Dottie

    Based on my initial experience with the new Yahoo, I won’t be a user ever again. Can’t access my old account and it won’t let me create a new account. Goodbye forever.

  • TK

    Messages forwarded to me full of carriage return icons and lots of extra spaces between the lines; 5 lines message covers two pages. Even a clean message…when forwarded…gets reformatted with tons of extra spaces and carriage return icons.

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