Yahoo Lowering Minimum Bids On Many Keywords

    March 10, 2009

Imagine going to an auction, and instead of witnessing heated bidding wars, seeing many people in the audience refuse to bite at even the opening offers.  Yahoo was apparently stuck in a similar situation, so the company is lowering the minimum bids on a great many Sponsored Search keywords as a result. 

Yahoo Logo

The process is an ongoing one.  Reports started trickling in some time ago, and a new, official announcement confirms that the changes won’t stop anytime soon.  A likely result is that advertisers will be able to accomplish more with the same amount of money, of course, which should inspire warm, fuzzy feelings.

The post on the Yahoo Search Marketing Blog then relays an additional tidbit about the consequences of all this.  Unfortunately, it qualifies as a nuisance factor.

Although you should receive an email if any campaign you’re running is affected, the post urges, "Please log in and review your account, as you may find that a number of your keyword bids that used to be below the minimum requirement may now be active if their minimum bids have been lowered.  These keywords will automatically reactivate (and start displaying your ads) . . ."

So you may need to run around, switching a few things off, before really reaping any benefits.