Yahoo Looks To Create A “Social Glue”

    November 1, 2007

If Yahoo has its way, the online world might become a sort of Mad Libs in which every player-supplied word is the company’s name.  Or in which, at least, the search company’s products can act as a sort of “social glue.”


That’s what John Kremer, the vice president in charge of Yahoo Mail, hinted at.  In an interview with Priyanka Joshi, he discussed the company’s plans for the future, and said, “Our ambition is not to make a standalone social network to compete with the Facebooks and MySpaces of the online world.  Instead, photo management, blogging and private communication will be offloaded on to Yahoo’s web tools like mail.  Imagine a layer on top of our various web services, tying them together with a social glue.”

Maybe that doesn’t add up to plans for global domination, but it’s still fairly interesting.  All the more so following the buzz about Google’s OpenSocial, which might also strive after the title of “social glue” (using a rather different approach, of course). 

So we’ll have to wait and see where this goes.  Kremer claims, “In a nutshell, our ability to launch a social networking tool . . . that can integrate all the existing services right at the Mail homepage should be the clincher for us in 2008.”