Yahoo Launching New Search Index

    June 20, 2005

While the big players in the search industry continue to try and outdo each other by introducing a number of specialty search services, it’s important to remember that a search engine is only as good as its search index.

Without a comprehensive index, the ability to bring users a wide variety of results would be severely limited. They’ve also become something to be boasted about, especially when you consider the heated competition occurring between the big three. For instance, when Microsoft officially launched MSN Search, obviously, the press reacted in a big way.

Yahoo Launching New Search Index

In response to this outpouring of publicity, Google announced that they had increased their search index to 8 billion pages, which outdid MSN’s launch index by about 3+ billion pages. As indicated by the timing of Google’s announcement, apparently the one with the largest index wins.

Because of the importance of a large, comprehensive search index, when one of the big search engine players alters theirs in anyway, the e-sector takes notice. Such is the case with Yahoo, who, on their search blog, announced that a new version of the Yahoo Search index would be launching this evening.

In Tim Mayer’s post about the launch, he stated users should be seeing more of their pages in Yahoo Search and that the new index would cause ranking fluctuations, which is normal when such changes are made or introduced.

So for users who may be confused by changes and alterations to their Yahoo SERP rankings, you now know why they are happening. It is best to patient while their new search index stabilizes.

Tim is also inviting users who have questions and concerns about Yahoo’s new index to contact Yahoo’s feedback service at the following address:

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