Yahoo Launches Music Feature In Search Results

    September 18, 2008

Yahoo has introduced a new music feature that allows users to play songs from artists by clicking on a play button at the top of the search results.

Yahoo Search Music Playback

The Yahoo Search music playback is powered by Rhapsody and offers full-song playback for more than 5 million tracks. Users will be able to listen to 25 free full-length songs every 30 days.

Once 25 songs have been played, users can subscribe to the Rhapsody Unlimited streaming service or listen to 30-second song samples until the next month begins.

When users click a play button in the search results Yahoo’s FoxyTunes Player will launch near the bottom of the browser window. The player offers full functionality for song playback, and includes an expandable playlist option.

Users can still browse their results page while the player is in use and search results will still scroll while the player remains in position at the bottom of the browser window.

"The launch of full-song playback in Yahoo! Search brings us closer to realizing Yahoo! Music’s vision of making the web playable and removing the barriers that prevent people from clicking play and hearing music," said Michael Spiegelman, head of Yahoo! Music.

"The powerful combination of Rhapsody and Yahoo!’s FoxyTunes Player will greatly enhance the discovery and consumption of music on the Web by giving online music fans what they want – an easy way to hear music."