Yahoo Launches Green Icon Contest

    August 10, 2007

Yahoo’s in need of a “Green icon.”  What’s that, you ask?  Well, it may be your call – the search company is holding a design contest to find this icon, and will donate $20,000 to an environmental nonprofit agency of the winner’s choice.

Yahoo Launches Green Icon Contest
Yahoo Launches Green Icon Contest

Some background information could be useful, however, and Ben Clemens of Yahoo’s Design Innovation Group provided it.  “We’re looking for a graphic that will be used to flag simple, eco-friendly things you can do all over our network, so that everyone knows the many green choices and options available on Yahoo!” he wrote on Yodel Anecdotal.  “That could include everything from making green purchases to finding the most fuel-efficient cars.”

Clemens also addressed the nature of the competition, adding, “Why make this a communal project?  It seemed only fitting since creating a greener environment is a group effort (not to mention that we have the most creative audience on the planet).”

Of course, as the existence of this article proves, the contest is also a way of generating some publicity.  And $30,000 may be a small price to pay for an icon, given the number of skilled individuals who could contribute (two runner-ups will select nonprofits to receive $5,000 apiece, in addition to the $20,000 grand prize).

The deadline for submissions is September 18.  Winners will be chosen by September 26 based on the votes of whatever sort of community arises around this contest.