Yahoo Korea Selects FLAG Telecom to Provide Trans-continental Connectivity

    September 15, 2004

Dedicated High Quality Circuits Provide Pinpoint Customer Authentication and High Speed Access to International Content.

FLAG Telecom has been selected by Yahoo Korea to provide trans-continental connectivity and intra-Asia advanced services across the FLAG Telecom global network.

Mr Youngsuk Choi, Korea Regional Operation Manager, Yahoo Korea, said: “We selected FLAG as its global network design, advanced products and strategy match our global requirements and we are happy with the quality of service FLAG delivers. Their flexible attitude, competitive pricing and usage based billing were also well received and we look forward to working closely with FLAG to expand our global network.

“Vendors often promise more than they can deliver, but FLAG was confident they could deliver exactly what we wanted – and they have. Yahoo Korea looks to do business with companies with a bright future. We believe we have found an excellent partner in FLAG.”

Owen Best, President Asia Pacific, FLAG Telecom, said: “Yahoo! is a truly global organisation and therefore a perfect customer for FLAG Telecom. Yahoo Korea needed extremely fast customer authentication, which is carried out in the US, and then highly reliable, high capacity connections to address consumer demand for Yahoo’s globally popular content and services, including news, financial information, streaming media sources, gaming, and message boards.

To achieve the Yahoo solution, FLAG configured its Global Ethernet Service between Korea and the United States to fulfil the user authentication requirement, and implemented FLAG’s IP Transit service to deliver high quality and high speed access to international content

User authentication was configured as a point to point service, traversing FLAG’s wholly owned backbone network via a dedicated, secure Gigabit circuit, thus ensuring fast and reliable access between the Korea- and US-based servers. As the authentication is conducted in seconds, customers are not aware that authentication is taking place on another continent and do not suffer any unnecessary delay in accessing their accounts and other Yahoo! services. Usage based billing ensures that any costs can be kept to a minimum.

Delivering high quality and high-speed access to international content was achieved with the implementation of FLAG’s IP Transit Service in Korea. FLAG’s IP network benefits from a single AS number and sits on FLAG’s self-managed global backbone and has been dimensioned to be extremely fast and reliable. As with the Global Ethernet Service, FLAG configured a Gigabit solution, providing Yahoo Korea! the scalability and flexibility needed for usage fluctuations.

FLAG’s cable network spans the globe and the company has an acknowledged reputation for end-to-end network and service management from a single point of customer contact, underpinned by exceptional quality and service support. FLAG offers customers east and west routing, meaning traffic can be switched at any time to avoid a cable cut or natural disaster. FLAG’s newest cable system, known as FALCON, is planned to provide additional resilience across the major route from Egypt to Hong Kong and particularly around the Middle East.

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