Yahoo Keeps The Redesigns Coming With Mobile Web Changes

    August 28, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Yahoo announced on Wednesday that it is rolling out a new mobile web interface across many of its properties, including Mail, Finance, Homepage, Search, Messenger and News. Here’s a look:

Yahoo Mobile interface

“We’re focused on building products for where our users are, and that includes mobile apps of course, but it also means providing an awesome mobile web experience, regardless of the device you use,” says Juliana Santarelli, Yahoo Senior Product Manager of Mobile & Emerging Products. “Today many of our global users are accessing their web experiences on feature phones.”

“We wanted to be sure all our users get the best possible experience,” she adds. “So today, you’ll find a refreshed, modernized mobile web experience that’s more consistent with our mobile apps regardless of the level of device you’re using, from smartphones to the most basic feature phone. Our focus is to ensure our sites maximize the available space on your phone’s screen, improve page performance and are available to our users regardless of what device you’re using.”

This all follows Tuesday’s news that Yahoo is also rolling out redesigns to a bunch of its sites, like Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Music, Yahoo TV, Yahoo omg!, Yahoo Games and Yahoo Weather.

Image: Yahoo

  • http://Homepage James

    I use Yahoo for everything and its my homepage news site on my mobile phone but since the new changes… everytime I click on a new article it will load but will not allow me to scroll down to read the rest of the article. I have checked other news sites and internet sites to make sure it wasn’t my phone and its only your site. Hope this problem gets fixed soon. Thanks

  • Flor

    I’ve had the same problem and I thought it was my phone also. I also can’t seem to empty my spam or trash folders. There is no quick link to click to empty them.

  • http://sportspage ron andrews

    I wish yahoo would go back to the original sports page, I do not see any improvement. the old web page was user friendly.

  • Debie

    How do I get the photos taken off my email address. I didn’t give you permission