Yahoo Juggles News Displays In Search

    July 28, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

The results on Yahoo Search will vary where a News Direct Display, aka DD, appears based on newsworthiness.

They could show up anywhere, the Yahoo Search blog tells us of these news results. They could show up high, or perhaps a few places down.

“They” being the blocks of relevant new results for a given query made on Yahoo Search. Yahoo gave Stan Lee as an example, as the man who cried “Excelsior!” has a cameo in the next X-Men movie.

Yahoo wants to showcase breaking news when it is available for a topic. That won’t always be at the top of the search results, but rather where Yahoo’s algorithm thinks is the best place to position it.

As a side benefit, the work Yahoo did in getting this ready should produce more breaking news DDs in the regular search results. “By displaying News DDs in multiple positions, we can deliver a more relevant search experience for users,” they said.

The work highlights the continuing movement towards universal results in search, and another nail in the coffin of ‘ten blue links’ of search results from the past. Availability of content in multiple formats like images and video comprises a big part of this, but the expectations people have for current and relevant results drove a need to make breaking news part of the universal experience too.