Yahoo Indexes IndexTools For Acquisition

    April 9, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Web analytics firm IndexTools goes to Yahoo in a purchase that will augment Yahoo’s strategies for promoting its advertising business to clients.

The real world may appreciate who you know more than what you know in many cases, but the converse is true online. Information is power, especially to site publishers who need to know how well their websites and ad campaigns fare.

In the face of Microsoft’s unsolicited takeover bid, Yahoo made the case to investors that its business will grow dramatically through the next two years. Getting there means compelling more advertisers to see Yahoo as a destination commanding their attention and business.

Though the bid for investor buy-in to management’s vision did not receive as favorable a response as Yahoo wanted, Jerry Yang and company continue to build the business. The IndexTools purchase indicates a strategy where Yahoo gains by increasing the volume of their ad business, by appealing to smaller companies.