Yahoo IDs Get Rough Start At MyBlogLog

    September 24, 2007

About nine months have passed since Yahoo acquired MyBlogLog, and, starting a few days ago, MyBlogLog introduced support for Yahoo IDs.  The companies might have done better to hold off for even longer, though, as the process was pretty rough.

Of the last four posts on The MyBlogLog Blog, one’s titled, “One Less Password to Remember,” which sounds good.  Another is “Hot Member: Easton Ellsworth,” which sounds irrelevant.  The remaining two, titled, “Insecticide Needed: We’ve Found A Bug” and “Working out some kinks” are rather disheartening.

Of course, it was friendly of MyBlogLog to even admit to having issues – a lot of companies prefer the silent approach (which can tend towards stonewalling).  The problems were, however, problematic.  And as occurred during the switch to Yahoo IDs at Flickr, some users have rebelled at the thought of change.

“Mybloglog’s Been Yahoothanized,” states Leigh Himel on her blog.  “[I]t’s just a matter of time before something happens and I’ll have to decide keep mybloglog with a forced Yahoo ID or get rid of it and move on.  I’m leaning towards the later.”

It’s impossible to guess whether the Yahoo ID problem occurred on Yahoo’s end or on MyBlogLog’s.  But since it’s technically all Yahoo’s end these days, the company might want to be more careful about this sort of thing in the future.

Hat tip to ParisLemon’s MG Siegler.