Yahoo Hosts Open Hack Day In Bangalore

    October 8, 2007

Yahoo’s intent on expanding its market share in India, and the company is also interested in finding useful new odds and ends.  In an effort to do both at once, Yahoo hosted Open Hack Day in Bangalore this past weekend.

200 developers came together to eat free food and tinker with tools, APIs, and various bits of data.  Yahoo co-founder David Filo was on hand, as was Bradley Horowitz, the company’s vice president of product strategy.

The event went well, though it might have gone better – 300 applicants were reportedly turned away due to issues of space at the venue.  Then again, Yahoo claimed its cutoff acted as a sort of quality control, so maybe things worked out for the best.

We’ll likely find out as the results of Open Hack Day make their way out into the wider world.  The IDG News Service’s John Ribeiro already noted one interesting creation: “YaHealer, an application that allows doctors to share photos of a brain scan over two Yahoo widgets that are connected over the Web, and change in sync.”

We’ll also learn a lot by watching for other developments related to Yahoo and India.  The last one we noted occurred around the beginning of August, and it wasn’t so positive – Yahoo India’s managing director announced his desire to quit.