Yahoo! Hiring a Blogmaster in Southern California

    October 5, 2005

I spotted this post on the Digital Squeeze today, which links to a job posting on Craigslist …

This Marketing Manager is responsible for leading the company’s efforts in developing and managing its divisional blog. He / she will work with cross-functional teams including Creative Services, Product Management, Engineering, Corporate Communications and Legal to achieve objectives in launching and managing the division’s first blog.

Huh. A “blogmaster” is a new one to my ears.

If you wanna use my name as a referral, feel free. :-)

Send your resume to and let me know if you’ve got questions about working at Yahoo. Granted, I work in Sunnyvale, but how different can it be? (… Jeremy braces for email from coworkers down south about how they don’t have a cafeteria or free coffee or whatever …)

>> Craigslist posting
>> Digital Squeeze – Yahoo Blogmaster

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