Yahoo! Health Taps Celeb Brain Power For Charity

    August 15, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

You’ve been itching to know what Tom Green has to say about health issues, haven’t you? Me neither, but Green is just one among several D-list celebrities who’ve been tapped to participate in Yahoo!’s latest health blog initiative.

Senator Hillary Clinton tops the celebrity health panel, putting the big “D” for Democrat on the D-list, blogging about health on Yahoo! Health, an informational web site picking the brains of health professionals, many of whom hail from Johns Hopkins University.

The main blog site covers topics like nutrition, asthma, allergies, yoga, sex, and depression. And who would know about sex and depression than Ms. Clinton?

The celebrity edition of Yahoo! Health Blogs is part of a new campaign entitled “Blog for Hope,” a special month-long program featuring health-related blog postings from celebrities, athletes, politicians, and other “well-known” personalities.

Who’s on the list to regale us with their tales of personal health issues?

News anchor Sam Donaldson, figure skater Peggy Fleming, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Fran Drescher, Tom Green, Jill Eikenberry, and three obscure Republican congresspersons, Deborah Pryce, Sue Myrick, and Chris Cannon.

With any luck, Fran Drescher’s blog won’t come with an audio feed.

“Blog for Hope” begins today and will run through September 15, allowing visitors to read and comment on the celebrity blog posts. Visitors will be able to donate to the American Cancer Society through links provided in the “Blog for Hope” content areas.

“Our goal is to provide health consumers with the most dynamic and informative content on the Internet, and these two new blogging programs are great examples,” said Shawn Hardin, vice president of content operations for the Yahoo! Media Group.

“Whether reading personal stories from well-known survivors or interacting with actual health experts, blogging provides a powerful community experience for users looking for detailed health information and advice.”