Yahoo! Has A New Number: It’s 3

    June 30, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Yahoo! has teamed up with UK-based mobile phone provider 3 Group, making Yahoo! Web services like Search, Mobile Web, Messenger, Mail, and Go for Mobile available to 3’s 175 million worldwide subscribers.

3 Group says the agreement “breaks new ground” in the convergence of online and mobile services by making the entire Worldwide Web accessible from mobile broadband handsets. With more Yahoo! services to come, the initial offerings will be made available in the UK over the summer, with subsequent launches planned for European and Asia-Pacific markets.

The countries that will be added to the list include Italy, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark and Australia; in Hong Kong and India, 3 Group’s parent company, Hutchinson Telecommunications International, will make the Yahoo! services available.

Users will be able to access Yahoo! Search for both on and off portal search on mobile phones. Images, ringtones and graphics will also be available through client applications like Yahoo! Ready or Yahoo! Go. Yahoo! Address Book and Calendar will also be available.

“This relationship isn’t just about us buying more content to put on our portal, its about a deep engagement between our two companies to bring some of the world’s most popular Internet services and content to 3’s networks,” said Christian Salbaing, Managing Director Europe Telecommunications at 3 Group.

“Convergence between the Internet and mobile has been much talked about but this deal will really make it happen.”

Geraldine Wilson, Vice President, Connected Life, Yahoo! Europe, said “This arrangement gives us a new opportunity to take Yahoo! content and services to even more potential users – especially those that might not have ready or frequent access to the Internet via a PC.”

Key services that will be available to consumers on 3’s global network include:

Yahoo! Search (Web and Image)

Access to full Internet Search including the ability to find information about weather, stock quotes and dictionary definitions
Searching and viewing images

Communications Services

Yahoo! Mail
Yahoo! Messenger
Yahoo! Address Book
Yahoo! Calendar
Yahoo! Photos


News, sports scores, stock tickers, financial updates through a direct connection to Yahoo!’s Mobile Web
Mobile games
ring tones and graphics


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