Yahoo Giving New Homepage Tons Of Thought

    March 26, 2009

Last week, we covered a story that drove home how Google obsesses over the tiniest details in order to get its public offerings right.  Today, there’s word that Yahoo’s putting an inordinate amount of thought into such things, too. 

Carol Bartz

Remember how Google tested 41 shades of blue and adjusted the width of a border one pixel at a time?  Well, with what’s supposed to be a major overhaul on the way, Carol Bartz told analyst Christa Quarles that Yahoo’s tried out exactly 141 different versions of its homepage.

A critic might quibble over the significance of one color versus a huge corporation’s homepage – maybe Yahoo could have tested thousands of variations, right? – but in any case, that’s pretty impressive.  The only problem comes from one more large number tied to the issue.

Rory Maher states that "currently Yahoo’s homepage takes 33 different code bases to produce," which means, behind the scenes, the company has to fix a mess.  Making a new homepage design functional and stable may represent a huge challenge, never mind nailing the visual elements.

It’s hard not to wonder if, like Google, Yahoo won’t have a designer or two jump ship.