Yahoo Gives Search Suggest A Promotion

    July 12, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The search query completion feature Yahoo placed in its toolbar and in the Firefox 2 browser has been added to the main search box.

Yahoo Gives Search Suggest A Promotion
Yahoo Gives Search Suggest A Promotion

Yahoo Search’s Kevin Lee announced the update on the Yahoo Search blog. Typing a query into the search box on triggers the Search Suggest feature.

As you type, Search Suggest tries to finish the query. Lee offered searching for the Governor of California as an example. Typing ‘Arnold S’ brings up options to look for Arnold Schwarzenegger, without having to type his whole last name.

Search Suggest proves useful for the spelling-challenged. Lee gave the example of searching for Mavic Ksyrium bicycle tires. Instead of hoping to nail the spelling, Search Suggest brings up the correct one as an option for that search. searchers can turn the Search Suggest feature off or on as they wish. Also, Yahoo’s promotion of Search Suggest has not moved it into query boxes on the subdomain yet. If one is looking for the Governator from Yahoo Search pages, Search Suggest won’t be there to atone for one’s spelling mistakes.