Yahoo Gets Their Waffles Bombed

    April 14, 2004

In the spirit of the “miserable failure” bomb that hit Google, Yahoo has been hit with a bomb of its own, showing once again the relative ease with which search engines can be manipulated with the keywords in links.

The keyword in question in this bomb is the word “waffles“. When we first learned of this, thanks to, searching the word “waffles” with Yahoo yielded results that had presidential candidate John Kerry’s website as the number one listing.

According to SELD, the reason “waffles” yielded John Kerry so quickly (the prank began only 8 days ago) on Yahoo and not Google “is due to the rapid indexing of newly spidered sites by Yahoo via their new Slurp bot.” Google only changes their index once or twice a month.

Tidbit: the keyword waffle appears has Kerry appearing sixth.

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