Yahoo FareChase On Its Last Legs

    March 25, 2009

According to the Wikipedia yardstick, Yahoo FareChase is pretty unimportant – it doesn’t even have a two-line entry.  Poor FareChase isn’t likely to get one, either, as it will be forced to stop hunting for travel deals after today.

A post on the FareChase site makes the situation clear: "FareChase will no longer be available after March 25th."  The lack of a press release, blog post, or anything else or significance implies that the matter isn’t up for discussion.

Yahoo FareChase
 Yahoo FareChase

As for why FareChase is closing, its parent company is apparently trying to narrow its focus.  "You can continue to find great deals on flights, hotels, and cars on Yahoo! Travel," the post continues.

And in all honesty, the move does make sense.  FareChase and Yahoo Travel look highly similar, but the second site is a little nicer-looking and has a name that’s more in line with the rest of Yahoo’s products.  If costs need to be cut – and at Yahoo, they clearly do – FareChase represents a good place to save a few bucks.

A hat tip goes to Brian Womack, who noted, "Yahoo Travel relies on Sabre Holdings Corp.’s Travelocity to book trips for customers."