Yahoo Europe’s Headquarters Moving To Switzerland

    March 14, 2008

Wikipedia claims that all of Switzerland has about the same population as the Greater London area.  And some Yahoo employees should soon be able to check up on that comparison, as the company is moving its European headquarters southeast.

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 Operation Yodel
 (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

The move to Switzerland should take place within the next year and a half.  We suspect that some jobs will be cut in the process – portions of Yahoo Europe lived under the axe even before Microsoft’s offer – but official confirmation hasn’t been forthcoming.

The reasons behind the relocation also remain a bit mysterious. writes, "Swiss media have reported that Yahoo will benefit from a special tax break in Switzerland.  Yahoo declined to comment on the reports."

Cost must be a major factor, however.  Several other companies have their headquarters in the same area, so it seems likely there’s some element relating to taxes, land, or people that is cheap.

Probably not trash-related services, though.  A bonus fun fact of the day, again provided by Wikipedia: "In many places in Switzerland, household rubbish disposal is charged for.  Garbage (except dangerous items, batteries etc.) will only be collected if it is in bags which either have a payment sticker attached, or in official bags with the surcharge paid when the bags are purchased."