Yahoo Encodes PHP Developer Center

    February 24, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf works for Yahoo, and now his programming creation is part of Yahoo’s Developer Network.

Bring us your snippets, your code, your web-based applications yearning to integrate well with Yahoo, the online services company seems to say with its new PHP Developer Center, a part of the company’s Developer Network.

At the new site, Yahoo suggests ways to better use PHP with its web services. They have published HOWTO articles on making, parsing, and caching Yahoo Web Service REST calls with PHP 4 and PHP 5.

Yahoo provides a selection of code samples as starting points, too. Lerdorf’s work appears here along with that of other developers. The creator of PHP (may he code for ten thousand years) offers several Yahoo hacks and some tips on working with Yahoo’s Geocoder API.

The director of Yahoo’s Developer Network, Jeffery McManus, told InternetNews that Yahoo has a great interest in supporting developers and helping them integrate applications with the various web services available from Yahoo:

McManus admitted that Yahoo currently doesn’t know exactly how many developers may consume Web Services via PHP.

“It’s a chicken and an egg problem: without a PHP Developer Center we don’t end up with a critical mass with a community of PHP developers,” McManus said. “One of the objectives behind launching the center is that we now have a Yahoo PHP community specifically to help developers who are coding in PHP and utilizing Yahoo Web Services.”

According to McManus there are more than 20,000 developers using various Yahoo technologies.

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