Yahoo, eBay Turn Out Toolbar

    July 5, 2007

It’s not elegantly named, but it’s here nonetheless: eBay Toolbar Featuring Yahoo! has been released.

“Search all of the Web, eBay, eBay Express,, and more,” invites eBay’s description of the product.  “Access sites you visit the most, such as Yahoo! Mail and My eBay, with just one click.  Protect your eBay and PayPal accounts against fraud with Account Guard.”  Or “[u]se eBay Alerts to help you win more items.”

Well, eBay Toolbar Featuring Yahoo! may have a clunky designation, but at least it let us know what we were in for.

Another aspect of the product launch provides insight into the state of things between eBay, Google, and Yahoo; eBay and Google may no longer be pals, but eBay’s Jeff Loui states, “My team and I have been working with our friends at Yahoo! to create a new version of the eBay Toolbar that combines the best features from both sites.”

Unfortunately, one “feature” that was left out is compatibility with Firefox.  But Loui assured readers that eBay and Yahoo were working on this, and that “we’ll be back with more updates as we have them.”  And now . . . all better.

I suppose that same signoff will do for me, though.  Hat tip to Barry Schwartz.