Yahoo Dials In Jajah For Voice

    April 29, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

VoIP service Jajah benefited from Yahoo’s strategic shift as the recipient of the outsourcing of Phone In and Phone Out premium voice services for Yahoo Messenger.

Jajah ambitiously offers its web-activated telephone and calling services in a variety of forms, from email clients to mobile devices. They received the opportunity to apply themselves to another market segment.

Jajah has touted a 10 million-strong userbase for its myriad products before today’s announcement. Yahoo supports a few more users than that, in the range of 97 million Yahoo Messenger users currently.

Yahoo made Phone In and Phone Out available a couple of years ago to those Messenger customers, giving them a low-cost option for calling from their PCs, mobiles, and landline phones. The deal disclosed today passes the heavy back-end lifting of customer service, payment handling, and infrastructure to Jajah for these services.

GigaOm pointed out an existing connection between Yahoo and Jajah. Om Malik wrote the two firms share a common investor: VC giant Sequoia Capital.