Yahoo Developing Major Overhaul Of Yahoo Mail

    June 28, 2005

Yahoo said that it is developing a new version of its Mail service that has an advanced interface, so as to compete with rich offerings like Gmail.

New features will include drag-and-drop for message organization (which requires using one of the du jour programming platforms, like AJAX), a preview pane, and more.

From Reuters:

    Among the new features are drag-and-drop message organization, a preview pane to view e-mails instantly, the ability to search e-mail headers, body and attachments, as well as viewing multiple e-mails in different windows.

    A Yahoo spokeswoman said that the upgraded version of Yahoo e-mail is being used internally and will be rolled out to a limited group of users in the next two months. It will be available to all Yahoo e-mail users once the company has finished its testing, Yahoo said.

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