Yahoo Debuts Its Search Translation Technology For Germany

    July 14, 2005

With more than half the web’s content being produced in the English language, web searchers who do not speak the English language may be at a loss when it comes to finding sites of interest.

Yahoo Debuts Its Search Translation Technology For Germany

Concerns over translation technology, or lack thereof, have motivated Yahoo Search’s development team to introduce their Search Translation Technology and debut it on a Yahoo Search beta site developed for Germany and German speaking people. According to the Yahoo Search blog, their translation technology will do the following:

We apply our Yahoo! Search Translation Technology by taking your query, looking across the entire Web and across languages to assemble the most comprehensive set of relevant results, and then returning that information in your local language. The underlying translation is powered by Systran, just like our famous Babelfish translation service.

Query results are presented in standard fashion, however, once a result is clicked, the user is taken to another page that features the translated document. A link to the original page is also provided. This page is similar to an image search result page. Once the image is clicked, users are taken to another page that shows the full image with an option of seeing it in its original setting.

Because the translations are machine-driven, users may still come across the occasional “All your bases are belong to us” type of result. However, this doesn’t take away from the innovation being used by Yahoo in order to accommodate their non-English speaking users.

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