Yahoo Connects Re-Org To Mission

    May 16, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The minor shuffling Yahoo undertook last year saw the formation of three divisions to oversee the company’s operations. Yahoo Network Division head Jeff Weiner explained how it’s going to work.

The executive vice-president of Yahoo’s Network Division clarified one point that has become much more evident with Yahoo’s recent actions. Recent consolidations of services, like Yahoo Photos and Flickr, are part of a grander plan.

“The goal behind the re-org was to help us rationalize and consolidate duplicative products, create greater focus on key priorities, clarify strategic direction, and ultimately develop an environment where we could accelerate the speed and quality of our decision-making,” Weiner said in his post on the Yahoo Yodel blog.

Weiner has a number of Yahoo’s most trafficked properties under his purview: Mail, Search, Answers, and the Yahoo home page itself. If it’s facing the Internet user, it’s probably under the Network Division.

Putting them in one division may have caused some to question that move. He said in response: “The answer to that question lies no further than our mission statement: ‘To connect people to their passions, communities, and the world