Yahoo Comments On Comment Spam

    January 18, 2005

Yahoo joins Google, MSN, Apart and WordPress in approving a new technique to fight comment spam.

Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo! Search said this in the Yahoo Search blog:

“I’m pleased to announce that Yahoo! Search is one of several organizations in support of a technique that should help combat weblog comment spam. Others involved are: Google/Blogger, MSN Search, Six Apart (TypePad, MovableType, LiveJournal), and WordPress.

By adding a rel=”nofollow” attribute to hyperlinks, webmasters and weblog owners can tell search engines that the links are effectively untrusted. For example, this:

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Becomes this:

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His blog post receive several comments

Robert Scoble, the famous Microsoft employee blogger chimed in, “Great news Jeremy! Yeah, it is great to see the cross-company cooperation that happened here.”

However, some Yahoo Search blog readers were pessimistic that this would be effective in stopping comment spam. For example, Nick stated, “This is impressive. But as far as solving this issue goes, it will be ineffective.”

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