Yahoo, Capital One Release “Saving Zone”

    July 27, 2007

I liked Capital One’s “barbarian” commercials, and for the foreseeable future, that’s what’ll come to mind whenever I think of the company.  But a new association has taken place, as well, because Yahoo and Capital One have teamed up to create the “Capital One Saving Zone.”

As described in a press release, the Saving Zone is “a portal on Yahoo! Shopping that offers exclusive deals on select merchandise to Capital One cardholders.”  A brief glance at the site reveals products that are discounted from anywhere between 35 and 64 percent, and there are 25 categories of goods.  All in all, it looks fairly promising.

And aside from the possible benefits to consumers (I can’t speak to fairness of the final prices – I’m not exactly in the market for a “Carlos Falchi Pebbled Leather Tote”), JJ Hornblass of BankNet 360 writes, “The deal is significant because it links one of the nation’s largest credit card companies with one of the web’s most trafficked sites – particularly with a portion of the site on which e-commerce takes place.”

Granted, Yahoo’s not exactly on top of its game at the moment – there are even rumors that an acquisition might occur, making this someone else’s accomplishment – but the deal should benefit both corporations.

One last note: sadly, there are no barbarian tie-ins at the Capital One Saving Zone.