Yahoo Buzzes With Presidential Politics

    December 17, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

A political dashboard from Yahoo shows who’s being favored in the major Presidential polls along with various trends and analysis of the candidates.

Metrics from Yahoo Buzz became part of the political dashboard Yahoo opened.

Yahoo News general manager Alan Warms said on Yodal Anecdotal, "This is the first time search data has been presented alongside traditional campaign metrics."

Along with the trends in Yahoo Buzz, the political dashboard features the trends in polls for the candidates (Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani lead the two parties). Money raised by each has a place in another column.

Warms also noted the addition of prediction market stats. These come from Irish-based Intrade, where users try to make money by buying and selling their predictions about major events, including the race for the US Presidency.

We found the Intrade inclusion amusing, as if it accepted real money from US citizens, the full force of the law would hammer those predictors for violating onerous American online gambling laws. The data does provide an interesting snapshot of how some non-US citizens feel about the election, to the point of betting on it.

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