Yahoo Buzzes Malls For The Holidays

    November 21, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Clear Channel and DAN Media will place big video screens in metro New York and Los Angeles malls, where they will display content from Yahoo! and advertising.

The Digital Mall Network joint venture of Clear Channel and Digital Advertising Network plans to have the big screens go live on Friday, the traditional opening day of the holiday shopping season. The company announced the video partnership today.

Yahoo serves as the content provider, and will deliver 15-minute loops of news, sports, entertainment, and financial information. Content from the Yahoo! Buzz index and 30-second advertisements will be included in the loop.

Those 30-second advertisements can be changed remotely. The venture envisions campaigns and programming tailored down to specific days, as well as longer periods of time like the holiday season.

Food courts in those NYC and L.A. malls should be the focal points for the video screens. The statement noted how Canadian malls get 32 minutes of exposure to advertising for their visitors with the food court video placements.

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