Yahoo Builds Home For Brick Awards

    March 21, 2007

Yahoo has built a site for the Brick Awards, which recognize the achievements of people under 25 who have made a positive social impact on their community. The site will feature a voting campaign to decide which 4 people will receive a $15,000 community grant towards their cause.

The site will feature video clips of 12 finalists and will allow users to cast votes for those select four they believe should receive an extra 15,000 for their cause. The awards cover four categories that include public health, community building, education & environment, and global impact. The site will also feature questions from celebrities on Yahoo Answers.

"The BRICK awards are all about acknowledging acts of community service by remarkably selfless young people," say Meg Garlinghouse, director of Yahoo! for Good, the company’s community relations initiative. "We’re using our network to spotlight these extraordinary individuals while also using our vast reach to inspire more youth to make a positive impact on their communities."

Web site HowStuffWorks will have background information and interviews with the 12 2007 Brick Award Winners. It will also include information on the voting process, previous winners and what people can do in their own communities.

"Other award shows recognize celebrities who can ice skate and people who can sing. It’s about time we honor people who actually do really important good work. I’m looking forward to making these kids more famous than Paris Hilton," said Nancy Lublin, CEO the BRICK Awards.

All of the 12 winners will receive a $10,000 community grant to continue their work.