Yahoo Broadband

    August 25, 2005

Yahoo has made a couple of interesting moves this week as it works to become the network advertising provider of choice for much of corporate America .

Yahoo is concentrating on serving ads in the lucrative entertainment sector. It is also interested in branding user-experiences in a network of online advertising mediums.

On Tuesday, Yahoo opened the day with the announcement of a multi year advertising deal with media giant Viacom. The arrangement will have Yahoo providing search services and paid search advertising to online Viacom properties including, and

Later the same day, Yahoo also announced a partnership with Verizon designed to offer a high-speed DSL service to US customers for $14.95/mth. For the fee, users will get a slightly slower DSL connection with a host of Yahoo services, on-demand products and security software.

“Yahoo brings a unique blend of innovative Web services, deep experience in partnering with broadband service providers, and strong brand stature to this alliance,”Dan Rosensweig, Yahoo COO said in a statement. “This preferred relationship with Verizon underscores Yahoo’s success in partnering with access providers to create a powerful broadband Internet experience that delivers the most value to consumers.”

It will also give Yahoo tens of millions more registered users to bolster investor confidence going into 2006.

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