Yahoo, Bebo Make Advertising Arrangement

    September 12, 2007

In what appears to be a very beneficial deal for both sides, Yahoo UK & Ireland will now sell the majority of Bebo’s display advertising.

Bebo, in case you haven’t heard, is a social network, and in certain parts of the world (like the UK and Ireland), it’s more popular than both MySpace or Facebook.  So Yahoo, and Yahoo’s advertisers, will get the chance to reach what marketers consider a young and desirable demographic.

From Bebo’s perspective, everything is also coming up roses.  “The partnership with Yahoo! enables us to focus on custom sponsorship campaigns and groundbreaking original productions with the knowledge that our display advertising is handled by a partner that guarantees the highest quality ad for each user interaction,” stated Joanna Shields, Bebo’s “president, international,” in a press release.

Shields then presumably took a deep breath.  But jokes about wordiness aside, Yahoo is probably grateful for Shields’s comment – aside from the acquisition of BlueLithium, not a lot has been going right for the company lately.  Execs can consider this arrangement a very firm check in the “win” column, however.

Hat tip to bigmouthmedia.