Yahoo At 1 Gig, Better Late Than Never!

    March 23, 2005

Bloggers are chattering away at the news that Yahoo is matching Google with a 1 gigabyte limit on their free email service.

Here are some of the spiffier comments:

First from AdFunk Tech Assist:

Yahoo’s latest move in the unremitting search engine wars is to boost its Yahoo! Mail storage capacity to 1 gig.

“The move may not be entirely unconnected to the fact that Google’s Gmail is widely expected to become available to anyone from the 1st of April – one year to the day since its launch,” PC Pro points out.

…Stay tuned for Google’s next move.

Here are some more comments …

I don’t think it is any coincidence that the timing of it matches up with their Desktop Search release and Gmail opening its doors to the public. In other words, they avoid losing subscribers to gmail *and* create a better desktop search product (since they will index users emailsand that would be tough to do if they were using gmail).

Today was just another boring Monday. I went to gig #1 and now I’m at gig #2 haplessly surfing the web.

Yahoo ups their free email storage to 1 gig. Remember when it was 3meg?

What does it mean when Yahoo! quadruples the storage of its free email accounts and agrees to acquire fast-growing photo-sharing site Flickr? In a nutshell, fat is where it’s at and thin is no longer in.

Let the free email wars continue!

I actually use both services, finding them both useful in different ways. I’ve almost entirely dispensed with POP mail and, indeed, didn’t even bother setting up an account with my current ISP.

SBC Yahoo customers will get two gigs of storage beginning in May. Two gigs equals “enough to hold up to 22 million pages of email, more than 20,000 photos or 4,000 songs.”

And the War Continues to rage between Google and Yahoo. I can’t wait to see googles next move. Larger email attachments maybe?

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